Open Adoption - Dare to invite

Open Adoption - Dare to invite

change management technology


Pablo Pernot

May 13, 2016


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    It’s a very scary story IT’s about changING Do you

    know that this font size is 66 !!
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    I'm Pablo I'm French Arrogant, selfish, impolite, lazy I love

    you envy us so much Working at benext ! … and beware my terrible accent...
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    Paradoxe #2 There is no stable state ’’The stable state

    of a living system is to be dead’’ -- SchrOdinger
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    Paradoxe #3 The Leap of faith You need a direction

    AND to suspend disbelief... vision and blindness.
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    Paradoxe #4 Change has to be an option Change is

    easier if changing is only an option.
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    TO BE MOTIVATED TO ? Ok If it’s really what you want… that’s my learnings… But do not count on me, change ? Never ever again !
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    A clear goaL Clear, uniformly applied rules A way to

    receive feedback on play Invitation (Opt-in participation)
  9. 14.

    A sense of{control A sense of progress A sense of

    membership and community A sense of higher purpose and meaning
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    Permission and space A container has to be defineD with

    clear rules and a clear goal Autonomy is key
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    #1 INVITatION You're free to come, or not. To submit

    ideas or not To participate or not To support ideas during the cycle or not
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    #2 OPENING By the one in charge With clear goal

    and clear rules Handle complexity : a container and self-organization.
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    #3 OPEN SPACE Based on harrison owen’s Open Space Technology

    : Marketplace, newsroom,self- organizatiON, Storytelling Build the limbic loop
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    Q&A ‘’I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.’’»

    (Edgar Poe) “Ultimate horror often paralyses memory in a merciful way.” (H.P. Lovecraft) "Organizing a self-organizing system is not only an oxymoron, it's stupid." (Harrison Owen) "Ok pussies, let’s get real" (Frank Taillandier) summon me ! @pablopernot