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Overview of ONOS/CORD and Use Case Study

Phil Huang
December 12, 2016

Overview of ONOS/CORD and Use Case Study

Phil Huang

December 12, 2016

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  1. Overview of ONOS/CORD and Use Case Study Phil Huang <[email protected]>

    SDN Solution Engineer, Edgecore Networks Corporation 2016/12/12, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan #OpenCORD #ONOSProject
  2. • Phil Huang ◦ pichuang , 小飛機 ◦ ONOS/CORD Ambassador

    ◦ SDNDS-TW Co-Founder ◦ Edgecore SDN Solution Engineer ▪ BigSwitch / CumulusLinux / Pica8 ◦ Committer ▪ ONOS ▪ Mininet ◦ Project ▪ ONOS SDN-IP Deployment, Taiwan ◦ Slide Deck ▪ Speakerdeck Who am I? 2
  3. • Open Network Operating System (ONOS) is an open source

    SDN network operating system ◦ Our mission is to enable service providers (SPs) to build real SDN/NFV solution • Design goals ◦ Distributed core ▪ Provide HA, scalability and performance ◦ Abstractions & models ▪ Allow applications to configure and control the network without becoming dependent on device specifics ◦ Applications platform ▪ Allow developers to dynamically extend the capabilities 7 About ONOS Ref: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Byp0qqYOTvAKdTIxT0t3bi1LRUk
  4. Ibis (1.8.0) • Dynamic configuration of devices and services •

    Virtualization • GUI scalability enhancements • Intent framework enhancements 10 ONOS Release (Dec, 2016) Ref: https://wiki.onosproject.org/display/ONOS/Ibis+Release+Content
  5. • Overlay Networking Architecture • Multi-Layer Networking • Adaptive Flow

    Monitoring • Path Computation Element (PCE) 13 ONOS Showcase Ref: http://onosproject.org/2016/11/09/onos-build-2016-summary-blog-post/
  6. • Brigades - harnessing the power of community ◦ Help

    to make forward progress on key ONOS roadmap items ◦ ON.Lab & TST acting mostly as shepherds • Started with 4 brigades ◦ Deployments Brigade ◦ Dynamic Configuration Brigade ◦ Virtualization Brigade ◦ GUI Brigade 14 Getting there...
  7. • Leader ◦ Luca Prete [email protected] • Goal ◦ Creating

    a concrete stack of software that can be deployed in networks, around the world 15 Deployment Brigade
  8. #ONOSProject 16 OpenFlow OpenFlow OF Q3 2015 ONOS Deployment in

    Australia OpenFlow Q3 2015 Korea announces the first ONOS deployment Q4 2015 ONOS deployed in Korea Q4 2015 First ONOS production deployment in South America Q1-Q2 2015 First ONOS Deployments South America, US, EU Q4 2015 – New connections Sidney – Seattle - Miami Sao Paolo – Amsterdam Q1 2016 NCTU / Taiwan deploys ONOS Q1 2016 – New connections Miami - Korea Miami - Taiwan Korea - Taiwan Global SDN Deployment Powered by ONOS
  9. #ONOSProject 17 Global SDN demo deployment -> focus on single

    production networks AmLight (South America) • Moving L2 services to production using VPLS GEANT (Official network) • VPLS, BoD, SDN-IP / SDX-L3 Internet2 (US) • VPLS, SDN-IP, new OpenCloud (~E-CORD) Israel Institute of Technology (Israel) • VPLS, SDN-IP, CORD PODs experimentation JGN-X (Japan) • VPLS, SDN-IP KISTI / KREONET (Korea) • Packet-optical, VPLS, SDN-IP, support for VDN (custom virtualization app) NCTU (Taiwan) • VPLS, SDN-IP, CORD PODs experimentation New Participants, New Deployments
  10. 18 ONOS SDN-IP Ref: http://blog.alwaysthenetwork.com/tutorials/bgp-communities/ • Allow SDN to connect

    to external networks on Internet using BGP • Internet transit network ◦ Transit data traffic among the External IP networks that Traverses SDN-IP network
  11. 28 What is CORD? SDN + NFV + Cloud Open

    Source Software Commodity Hardware (Servers, White-Box Switches, I/O Blades) CORD: Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter
  12. Traditional 3-Tier Network • Core / Aggregation / Access 30

    Network Design Transformation Clos Network • Leaf / Spine
  13. 32 CORD Architecture vRouter Control Other App Overlay Control Underlay

    Control Other App vSG vSG vSG VNF VNF VNF VNF VNF VNF VNF VNF VNF VNF VNF VNF OVS OVS OVS OVS OVS Underlay Overlay Control
  14. • Telecommunication hardware located at the home or business of

    a customer • a.k.a Residential Gateway (RG) 41 L3 Customer Premises Equipment CPE: Customer Premises Equipment
  15. • Disaggregation and virtualization ◦ L3 CPE Software move to

    NFVI at CO 42 virtual Subscriber Gateway (vSG)
  16. • R-CORD ◦ 1 year from PoC to Field Trial

    ◦ Field Trial with large service provider, June 2016 • OpenCloud ◦ Deployment on Internet2 ◦ 5 universities already connected • [R,E,M] CORD Pods at ON.Lab 45 CORD Deployment
  17. Designed to empower anyone who is passionate and knowledgeable about

    ONOS and/or CORD • Promote either project in their region • Build strong local community 47 What is ONOS / CORD Ambassador Program Please feel free to ask. ONOS/CORD Ambassadors Team in Taiwan will be happy to discuss with you Charles Chan [email protected] Phil Huang [email protected] Chun-Ming Ou [email protected] Yi Tseng [email protected]