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Reinvent: Action Challenge Examples

E6668f7e8236edd235fdbff53d171b00?s=47 Paul M
February 17, 2020

Reinvent: Action Challenge Examples

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Paul M

February 17, 2020

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  1. None
  2. Idea / Experiment Your Capabilities Gap In Ability, Confidence or

    Knowledge Insight About What To Do Next
  3. Facebook Live Cooking Class Kunal wanted to learn how to

    cook an Indian dish from his grandmother to explore his cultural background and announced a facebook live “cooking class” to force him to learn it over the next week
  4. Send an e-mail announcing a shift Is there something you’ve

    been holding off on “announcing” to people? It took me six months to hit send on this e-mail
  5. Upload A Video (Or 7) & Share It 5 Can

    you do one video or even seven straight days of 60 second reflections on any topic on your mind?
  6. Launch A Podcast Episde You can launch a free podcast

    on Anchor.FM and upload an introductory episode Recommended Apps: Anchor (free hosting); Canva (free art); Audacity or Garageband (free audio recording & editing)
  7. Find A Co- Founder 7 During a past course, Diania

    Merriam used the “action challenge” to find a co- founder and start taking action on a conference which has now launched
  8. Host A Private Dinner Of People With Similar Interests Send

    a person invite to one or two connections interested in similar things & ask them to bring 1 person too.
  9. Make A Public Commitment Make a public commitment (and ask

    for people to hold you accountable)
  10. “Jeffersonian Dinner” 10 Hosting A Jeffersonian Dinner 1. Pick a

    topic 2. Create an Eventbrite page 3. Send it to friends 4. Order anything but pizza 5. Pick 3-4 questions on topic Rules necessitate 1 conversation at time, so don’t need crazy prep or questions, just willingness to lead discussion!
  11. “Microadventure” What can you do on the “5-9” outside of

    your 9-5 that can help you get out of your comfort zone? “an adventure that is short, simple, local, cheap – yet still fun, exciting, challenging, refreshing and rewarding…for normal people with real lives.” Alastair Humphreys Ideas • Sleep In Your Garden • Swim wild ‘“ in a river, lake or sea • Sleep by the sea • Go somewhere by bike or foot you’ve only ever driven before • Forage for food • Go bird spotting More here: Microadventures
  12. Create the PDF for an event 12 Another coach and

    I created an in-person group coaching “experiment” and then once we got people to sign up we created all the material
  13. Publish A Blog Post 13 Recommended Platforms: Medium & LinkedIn…Facebook

    Notes can work too!
  14. Interview Someone & Share It 14 Interviewing someone can be

    a gift. Offer to edit and share the interview (via audio) or in written form
  15. Mockup a (FREE) Landing Page 15 www.carrd.com

  16. Create An App 16 www.glideapps.com

  17. Sell A Digital Tool Or Product 17 www.gumroad.com

  18. 1 Coaching Conversation 18 Can you find one person to

    offer a coaching session to in exchange for feedback?
  19. Digital Lecture 19 Is there something you are deeply curious

    about? Prepare a 20-30 minute “lecture” and then e-mail friends or post on social telling them you are hosting a Free lecture. Recommended apps: Google Hangouts or Zoom (limit 45 minutes on group calls for free plan)
  20. Freedom Hour 20 Schedule 1 Hour A Day At Your

    FT Job With No Goal The only rule is you are not allowed to do your “real” work.
  21. Volunteer Somewhere In Person 21 Is there a space you

    can volunteer to get outside your comfort zone?