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Define it for me? 26 Product Managers on product marketing, as they see it

Define it for me? 26 Product Managers on product marketing, as they see it

Noun: critical partner of a product management team, exact definitions vary. See pages 1-26 for how product managers define it.

Product Marketing Alliance

October 11, 2019

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  1. Top 26 definitions of 
 Product Marketing 
 from Product

    Managers We surveyed 26 Product Managers to find out how they define Product Marketing. Here’s how they describe the role:
  2. “To define simply, product management’s core responsibility is to define

    the product - and product marketing’s core responsibility is to tell the world about it.”
  3. “I define the role of product marketing as the storyteller

    for the product outside the four-walls of the company.”
  4. “PMM translates the core product values - how the product

    is positioned, the benefits of the features, the business problems that are solved - into concise, targeted messaging for the external audience, so that people understand what the product does for them.”
  5. “A product manager who spends a high percentage of time

    talking/ listening with people outside the building (prospects, market, competitors, stakeholders, users).”
  6. “Help us identify what things we should build next and

    promote and create awareness of the value of features we're building.”
  7. “The marketing discipline that focuses on ensuring that the market

    demand for a product is correctly satisfied.”
  8. “The product marketer is the advocate for and representative of

    the user/customer in the product process. They are also closely involved with explaining and landing features and products with those users.”
  9. “Crafting the strategy for how to position the product in

    the market and the means by which we engage potential customers.”
  10. "It varies by company and GTM, but overall, I'd say

    PMM is responsible for 2 high level things: (inbound) understand the high level market opportunities, customer requirements and competitive pressure of various markets, and bring that to the Product team so that we are building solutions for problem spaces with best chance of the biggest success, (aka write the MRD); (outbound) once a solution is built, craft the right messaging & communications around that thing to tell the originally targeted market about the awesome thing we have"
  11. “Product marketing's purpose is to best market features of the

    product. What is it about the product that makes it appealing and valuable? How can it be integrated into generic businesses in everyday operations? They increase awareness of the products uses and value.”
  12. “Product Marketing owns the User Persona(s) and communicates to them

    within the product and about the product.”
  13. “Works with product team to understand product (features, solutions, market,

    etc) to identify channels and engagement methods to capture/retain clients/customers.”
  14. “In short, I say Product Management defines the target segment

    and the value proposition. Product Marketing articulates messages to the market, and creates and runs programs to find qualified leads based on the segmentation and value prop. 
 (And of course, also does stuff to 
 help Sales be effective.)”
  15. “A person dedicated to help product team to scale its

    revenue through ways which seem reasonable for product in particular time. These ways might be different, like SEO, social media marketing, account-based marketing, but also - user research, deep interview, brand marketing etc. The main value in product marketing manager not to be a specialist in some marketing style, but to choose wisely which way is the best fit for now.”
  16. “Be the expert on the market for the product -

    the size, the best way to sell to that market (what sort of targeting strategies), as well as the budget that that market has for purchasing.”
  17. “Project the business value of products and solutions to the

    market a. Amplify the organization's POV in the market and what differentiates it from competitors. b. Identify buyer personas and ensure marketing is appropriately targeted to address their pain points and desires."
  18. “Bridging product and market, new product design & innovation with

    (potential or existing) user or customer base.”
  19. “I feel that product marketing’s main role is to ensure

    that a product is promoted and represented in such a manner that it reflects the intent of the product design or plan. It is critical that product planning and product marketing teams work together effectively in order to accurately represent the capabilities of the product and to ensure that this messaging is delivered to the appropriate audience.”
  20. “Take the product to market by delivering the right message

    to the target customers via the most effective channels and partners.”
  21. “Take care of the market side 
 of product, e.g.

    positioning, messaging, customers, end to end experience, competitor research.”
  22. “The role of product marketing should be the point person

    who creates/gathers/manages all of the client facing collateral for a product - from online, brochures, etc.”