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What product marketing can learn from brand strategy

What product marketing can learn from brand strategy

Product Marketing Alliance

November 25, 2020

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  1. What we’ll cover: • How Quizlet approached defining a brand

    strategy • How we rolled out our brand to our product and design teams • Our brand in action in the product • If I could do it over…
  2. “Failure was one of Jake’s biggest fears. He worried about

    it privately; maybe he couldn’t keep up with his peers, maybe he wouldn’t succeed in life.”
  3. “Out of 1899 (1094 French, 268 Moldavian, 537 Rumanian) college

    students included in the current study. The overall prevalence of depression, anxiety and stress was 39.0%, 47.0%, 35.8% respectively.”
  4. “According to the Education Ministry survey of schools, most of

    the students did not leave any explanation for why they decided to take their own lives. Of those who did, the most frequently cited reason was worries over what path to take after graduation.”
  5. From our competitors: Source: Knewton, Udacity, Brainscape, Brainly, Anki, Duolingo,

    Course Hero, Khan Academy, Udemy, StudyBlue, Kahoot!, Memrise
  6. The flashcard issue... “Quizlet is basically an electronic flashcard system.”

    - Bruce, high school Spanish Teacher “People describe us as digital flashcards. Even people who use lots of parts of Quizlet still describe us as flashcard.” - Vickie, Design Director at Quizlet “Quizlet is a website that you can make an account but you don’t have to, and it’s flashcards.” - Catherine, MCAT prep, USA
  7. Source: Student/Teacher interviews The more people use Quizlet the more

    they see the real magic of it. “I like the Quizlet learn - it’s more interactive than flashcard.” - Julia, Year 11 student, UK “it has a bunch of better features that make it faster and easier to retain the information.” - Catherine, MCAT prep, USA “ I almost always only use Quizlet because of different learning features.” - Cindy, 2nd year prep school student, France
  8. Edtech focused on helping students succeed in school, over-indexes on

    the rational and under serves the intense emotional journey that is being a student in 2019.
  9. 73% of free users said making studying more fun was

    extremely or very valuable to them. Disinterested “If you have to study but you don’t feel like studying you can use Quizlet. I like to do the test until I master them and then I continue to do them. I like it when I master it. Rewards work.” - Catherine, MCAT prep, USA Motivated and engaged Source: Dec 2018 Quizlet Study, n=2965, User/Teacher interviews
  10. 81% of Plus users said Quizlet Plus features help them

    focus. Overwhelmed I have freedom for customizations. I feel in control.” - Catherine, MCAT prep, USA “It’s great for when things feel overwhelming.” - Julia, Year 11 student, UK “It’s an app that you can control. Quizlet isn’t forced, you can practice anyway you like.” - Numair, HS Freshman, USA In control and focused Source: Dec 2018 Quizlet Study, n=1641, User/Teacher interviews
  11. Isolated “I can look for more information. The community has

    different things you can find if you’re struggling,” - Numair, HS Freshman, USA “When there is a question I’m confused on I can go to Quizlet.” - Julia, Year 11 student, UK Supported Source: Student/Teacher interviews
  12. 69% of users said using Quizlet improves my confidence in

    class Anxious “It makes me feel proud of myself. I feel more confident and happier that I have something I can depend on.” - Numair, HS Freshman, USA “I know if I put in the time, I will know the material.” - Catherine, MCAT prep, USA “It gave me a sense of achievement.” - Julia, Year 11 student, UK Confident and proud Source: Aug 2018 Quizlet Study, n=1110, User/Teacher interviews
  13. Actions Pursuit Purpose Belief The modern brand framework contains the

    building blocks of your story - think of it as the OS of your company. It’s the instructions that will drive the company and business forward.
  14. Pursuit 1. Connect students with the content that’s right for

    them 2. Coach every student through enjoyable, efficient routines 3. Build momentum through quick wins and relentless focus Purpose Make every student unstoppable Belief With tenacity and guidance anyone can learn anything
  15. Congratulations. Way to go. You just learned something. No it

    wasn’t easy. Because learning isn’t easy. It’s an adventure full of twists and turns, detours and bumps in the road, unexpected and delightful pit stops. But in the end, it’s worth it. Because every new thing you learn is something you’ve conquered, a secret you uncovered, a prize you get to keep. So keep going. There’s something else to learn right now. Something new to master. Something that will bring you a little bit closer to your goal. Something to celebrate. Learn on.
  16. The game is rapid idea generation Break into groups of

    6 or less, choose a team captain Go for breadth, not depth Aim for quick wins and longer-term initiatives If it’s not on a post-it, it doesn’t exist Interactive brainstorm
  17. Interactive brainstorm Thought starters How can we... - Bring the

    brand to life through marketing? in new markets? - Use social channels to challenge and reward student progress? To build the confidence of a generation? To help them take control of their learning? To connect a community of unstoppable students? - PROVE the story of student transformation? to teachers? - Create new benefits and reasons to upgrade? (e.g. guarantees, trials, services, content/expertise) - Create a physical presence at events or on campuses? - Create programs that reward tenacious students from underserved communities?
  18. Regroup and share • Readout of ideas and options •

    Group according to theme • Ideate on what’s interesting • Go forward plan on what to launch! Interactive brainstorm
  19. On the product and design side... Celebrating the wins a

    little more Check in on emotions Create moments of fun and whimsy Be empathetic — the journey is tough
  20. Next time... Get more product buy-in earlier Create a more

    concrete deliverable connected to brand work ID and execute a few quick wins to bring things to life