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Putting People Back Into Projects

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October 17, 2017

Putting People Back Into Projects

The number of people involved in our projects continues to grow. There are our customers, our stakeholders (some more visible than others), our teams, and of course our users. The iron triangle of project management has always been scope, budget, and timeline. Focusing on these three areas makes a lot of sense from a project manager’s viewpoint, but it’s easy to forget that behind each of these three key ideas is a group of people. That “iron triangle” isn’t much help if we don’t consider the humans involved.

While we can’t turn our backs on the scope, budget, and timeline, we can start to shift our perspective of each to consider the people involved. When we do this, we’ll see the long-term sustainability of our work increase and the happiness of our teams grow.

During this session, we will have an open discussion on how we can keep pulse on the important areas of our projects—including the people—so that both the people and the projects thrive. Come prepared to share with each other how you are supporting your humans and the challenges you are facing as you try to put the people back into your projects.


Understanding that the people are the largest indicator for success

How to facilitate effective collaboration

Discussion of unique people-centered project metrics

How your business model impacts your humans



October 17, 2017

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  2. HELLO!

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  8. None
  9. YMMV!

  10. WARNING!!

  11. Projects don’t fail for technical or design reasons. They fail

    because of the people involved.
  12. Projects should be designed as human experiences.

  13. Scope Budget Timeline

  14. Project Manager Client Team

  15. The best part of project teams is that they are

    made up of humans. Humans sometimes suck. The worst part of project teams is that they are made up of humans.
  16. Putting People Back Into Projects ALL THE PEOPLE

  17. Project Manager Client Team

  18. Team

  19. Team

  20. Resources Talent Team

  21. We are in the talent business. Team

  22. People are our biggest asset. Team

  23. Decide as a team what to experiment with on a

    project. Team
  24. Project Drag Team

  25. Process vs. Team Experience Team

  26. The business model also has an impact on the team.

  27. Client service focused: Team

  28. Client service focused: Putting client needs first. Team

  29. Team focused: Team

  30. Team focused: Putting the team needs first. Team

  31. When we focus on taking care of each other we

    have the capacity to take better care of our projects and clients. Team
  32. Trusting our team. Team

  33. Team Happiness = Shipping + Predictability Team

  34. Invest in the team. Team

  35. How are you investing in your teams? Discuss Team

  36. Client

  37. Client

  38. None
  39. Not talking about something gives it more power. Client

  40. The best way to make sure your project does not

    hit budget, timeline, and scope is to not talk about it. Client
  41. People are scared of things they don't understand. 

    can take the mystery out of things by talking about them a lot. Client
  42. The best predictor of project success is how our stakeholders

    feel about it. Client
  43. Client Happiness = A small delta between project expectations and

    project reality. Client
  44. Client

  45. Managing Client Expectations Client

  46. Setting Client Expectations Client

  47. Research Vendors Vendor Selection Negotiation Project Expectations Set Client

  48. Research Vendors Vendor Selection Negotiation Project Expectations Set Expectations Managed

  49. Collaborative Pricing Client

  50. Collaborative Pricing

  51. There will be dragons. Client

  52. Invest in our clients. Client

  53. How are you managing client expectations during a project? Discuss

  54. Project Manager

  55. Project Manager

  56. Project Manager

  57. We have to take care of each other. Project Manager

  58. PM Buddies Project Manager

  59. PM Buddy. Project Manager

  60. Embrace your super power and understand your blind spots. Project

  61. Limited Control Project Manager

  62. Take care of yourself. Project Manager

  63. Optimize for sustainability and sleeping at night. Project Manager

  64. Learn to say NO. Project Manager

  65. DPM Happiness = Happy Team + Happy Clients Project Manager

  66. Invest in each other. Project Manager

  67. How are you investing in the DPMs around you? Discuss

    Project Manager
  68. Putting People Back Into Projects EFFECTIVE COLLABORATION

  69. If you can’t say no, it’s not collaboration.

  70. Often we confuse getting along for effective collaboration.

  71. Conflict can be healthy.

  72. Have difficult conversations.

  73. Diversity

  74. Diverse teams help make collaboration more valuable…
 while also increasing

    the potential for conflict.
  75. Our clients are wanting to be collaborated with.

  76. None
  77. None
  78. “We want to work with you,
 rather than for you.”

  79. People Over Process

  80. Communication is the most important part of making any project

  81. Treating people like humans should not be a differentiator in

    our businesses. But it is.
  82. None
  83. My long term business plan is to have happy, healthy,

    well-adjusted humans and families.
  84. If we want to be better at our jobs, we

    need to work on being better humans.
  85. Let’s chat.

  86. THANKS! @robertharr rob@heysparkbox.com