Putting People Back Into Projects

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October 17, 2017

Putting People Back Into Projects

The number of people involved in our projects continues to grow. There are our customers, our stakeholders (some more visible than others), our teams, and of course our users. The iron triangle of project management has always been scope, budget, and timeline. Focusing on these three areas makes a lot of sense from a project manager’s viewpoint, but it’s easy to forget that behind each of these three key ideas is a group of people. That “iron triangle” isn’t much help if we don’t consider the humans involved.

While we can’t turn our backs on the scope, budget, and timeline, we can start to shift our perspective of each to consider the people involved. When we do this, we’ll see the long-term sustainability of our work increase and the happiness of our teams grow.

During this session, we will have an open discussion on how we can keep pulse on the important areas of our projects—including the people—so that both the people and the projects thrive. Come prepared to share with each other how you are supporting your humans and the challenges you are facing as you try to put the people back into your projects.


Understanding that the people are the largest indicator for success

How to facilitate effective collaboration

Discussion of unique people-centered project metrics

How your business model impacts your humans



October 17, 2017