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"The Ups and Downs of Managing one person offices & small teams"

"The Ups and Downs of Managing one person offices & small teams"

Now What Conference 2016


Ron Bronson

April 14, 2016


  1. Managing the Ups and Downs of One-Person Offices and Small

    Teams Now What? 2016 Ron Bronson
  2. About Ron Nordic Strategy Lab. Aggregate Conference 10+ years of

    digital strategy leadership Product. CMS implementation. Service Design UX Strategy & Research Former policy director, Future Wyoming
  3. What’s your role?

  4. Meet Liz Marketing Manager, Aha! Insurance Co. • Graphic design

    • Copywriting • Marketing • Web
  5. Some of Liz’s Tasks • Organizing content from subject matter

    experts. • Serving as liaison between remote IT team & agents. • Social media management • Weekly reporting to her boss, the Director of Operations.
  6. What Liz likes • Independence • Fewer steps • Agility

    • Adaptability • Variety
  7. What Liz doesn’t like • Not enough time in a

    day • Lack of buy-in • No upward mobility • Having to wear lots of hats
  8. What are Liz’s pain points?

  9. • Having the confidence & authority to delegate tasks. •

    Motivating subject matter experts to provide content. • Building frayed bridges between her area & IT. • Being seen as knowledgeable. Liz’s Challenges
  10. How do we help Liz?

  11. • Agents who have specialized knowledge about product. • Respond

    to Liz’s content inquiries. • Inform Liz about ad-hoc UX interactions from the road. Agents
  12. • Clarify what has to be on the website &

    how. • Become active stakeholders rather than viewing the web as unnecessary. • Meet with Liz monthly (or more often) to discuss the Hows & Whys of web information. Compliance Department
  13. "The corollary to accountability is forgiveness. Things go wrong all

    of the time in relationships...this is not to say that failure is accepted; rather, that it is acknowledged and understood." Charlene Li (Open Leadership)
  14. The Bottom Line: Understanding that managing a web presence requires

    all hands on deck, regardless of who has the keys to the CMS.
  15. "The more people involved in a given task, the more

    potential agreements need to be negotiated to do anything, and the greater the transaction costs." Clay Shirky (Here Comes Everybody)
  16. How do we make the web everybody’s job?

  17. • Communicate often • Keep leaders in the loop •

    Develop trust • Gain buy-in
  18. Keep leaders in the loop.

  19. Continually develop trust.

  20. Recruit allies.

  21. Maintain a posture of confidence. You know what you’re doing.

    Even if it doesn’ t always feel that way.
  22. Tusen Takk. @ronbronson ron@nordicstrategy.com