AppGeo Platinum Sponsor Presentation

AppGeo Platinum Sponsor Presentation


  1. 1 “Grow, Innovate, and Succeed” Texas GIS Forum | October

    25, 2018
  2. 2 Disney Photo of Fess Parker (as Davy Crockett) and

    Buddy Ebsen (as George Russell) Three decades of professional rendezvous!
  3. None
  4. 4 Here With You Today Rich Grady President Maurice Khollman

    Product Sales Manager Ross Topol Full Stack Engineer Morgen Healy Principal Bill Johnson Carpe Geo Evangelist Caitlin Schneider GIS Analyst Jennifer Sylvester Project Manager
  5. 5 AppGeo Themes at the Texas GIS Forum Whooping Cranes

    Over the Laguna Madre: Shared Value, Semantic Shifts & Collaborative Leadership 2015 From the Guadalupe Mountains to Geospatial/IT: Exploration as a State of Mind 2016 Crows, Water and Choices: Our Past Inspires Our Future 2017 Grow + Innovate = Succeed The Imprint of our GIS Heritage: Barton Springs Salamander, Whitetail Deer, or What? And this year? “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”
  6. 6 Salamanders, Deer, and GIS Professionals Part I Distinguishing Characteristics,

    Unifying Goals, and the Choices we are making at AppGeo Part II Helping our clients to grow, innovate, evolve and succeed Part III Three Parts The Imprint of Our GIS Heritage: What is our evolutionary potential? photo credit:
  7. 7 I. Salamanders, Deer, and GIS Professionals Barton Springs Salamander

    (Eurycea sosorum) White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) GIS Professional (Carpe geo pro)
  8. 8 With Darwin on the mind... • What made us

    “GIS professionals”? • What are our distinguishing characteristics and unifying goals? • What choices will lead to our professional success vs. decline? Grow + Innovate = Succeed Photo by Matthew Field, Galápagos tortoise How will we “grow, innovate, and succeed?”
  9. 9 Goal-Directed Actions Based on Causal Knowledge Grow + Innovate

    = Success • Goals emanate from needs • Goal-directed actions are aimed towards achieving a particular goal • Knowledge and awareness of cause-and-effect yields better outcomes for solving problems compared to operant conditioning Problem-Solving is an Enabler of Survival VS.
  10. 10 Barton Springs Salamander (Eurycea sosorum) • Status: Endangered •

    Description: Amphibian, 1-2.5”, slender with external gills • Population: Estimated at < 2000 by City of Austin in 1995 • Diet: Tiny aquatic crustaceans (amphipods) • Habitat: Outflows of springs, in water with plants and rocks • Range: Very limited to spring outlets at Barton Springs, Austin • Life Span: About 6 years (based on specimens in captivity) Sources: USF&W, TPWD, Univ. of Texas, City of Austin A fragile future for this amphibian Grow + Innovate = Succeed US Fish & Wildlife Photo
  11. 11 White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) • Status: Abundant • Description:

    Warm-blooded mammal, 3 ft, 100-300 lbs • Population: Over 15 million in US, 4.3 million in TX (estimates) • Diet: Green and woody plants, grasses, nuts, and fruits • Habitat: Mix of forests, croplands, brushy areas, and meadows • Range: US, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America • Life Span: About 6-12 years Sources: USF&W, TPWD Grow + Innovate = Succeed Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) Photo Hunting season opens November 3rd
  12. 12

  13. 13 GIS Professional (Carpe Geo Pro) • Status: Abundant, but

    not nearly as many as there are deer • Description: Subtribe of “homo sapiens” • Population: 500,000 geospatial services jobs in US (BCG estimate, 2012) • Diet: Pizza, beer, salad, a variety of meats (including venison and amphibians), nuts, fruits, vegetables, ice cream, and cookies • Habitat: Basements, offices, backrooms, bar rooms, honky tonks, tents, and under the stars • Range: Global dispersal • Life Span: 70-90 years (based on specimens in captivity) Sources: BCG, NSGIC, Esri UC, GeoRodeo, France, and Texas GIS Forum Grow + Innovate = Succeed Bill Johnson Photo GIS Day Nov. 14th, PostGIS Day Nov. 15th
  14. 14 Comments on the Industry Outlook in 2018 • “The

    GIS industry is heading toward ubiquity, if it hasn’t already reached it.” Susan Smith, Editor of GISCafe • “Those who think that old school GIS with traditional sources will keep them competitive will begin dying.” Chris Tucker, Chairman of the American Geographical Society, Founder of MapStory • “We need to envision the future and participate in creating a geoscience-based foundation for our future. I call it societal GIS.” Jack Dangermond, Esri Founder and President Grow + Innovate = Succeed
  15. 15 Distinguishing Characteristics, Unifying Goals, and Choices • We are

    a diverse amalgamation of different disciplines that have adopted and adapted similar tools and methods in ways that are often unorthodox, collaborative, and antidisciplinary -- this is a distinguishing characteristic • We may study different problem sets, but at some level they are all mappable on sharable geography -- this is a unifying goal • We can use causal knowledge and think about our alternatives, or be conditioned to make programmed decisions without thought of alternatives -- this is a choice Grow + Innovate = Succeed
  16. 16 Problem-Solving is an Enabler of Survival

  17. 17 II. Distinguishing Characteristics, Unifying Goals, and the Choices we

    are making at AppGeo To help our customers grow, evolve and succeed
  18. 18 • • • • • We help our customers

    to be geospatially excellent Who is AppGeo? Our Customers
  19. 19 Albany, NY Austin, TX Boston, MA (HQ) Carson City,

    NV Damariscotta, ME Windsor, CT Nashville, TN New York, NY Orocovis, PR Portsmouth, NH • • • • • • • • • •
  20. AppGeo is... Diverse and deep when it comes to our

    technical experience and customer relationships Driven by the needs of our customers - their data, business requirements, goals and legacy systems Constantly applying best-in-class geospatial IT to offer best-fitting solutions to our customers Always team-ready, thriving on partnerships and relationships with innovative software providers 20 Dedicated focus to everything geospatial
  21. 21 “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”

    Nelson Mandela
  22. 22 Your operating reality • Tightening budgets, resource constraints coupled

    with growing GIS user base and an increased need for support • Expanding geospatial use cases and increasing application requirements • Growing need for curated information products and business intelligence tied to location
  23. 23 Operating Reality #1 Tightening budgets, resource constraints coupled with

    growing GIS user base and an increased need for support
  24. Various Types of Customer Support

  25. 25 Spatial IQTM Customer Success

  26. Our Spatial IQTM Managed Services Program makes your job easier.

    ✔ Reduce risk and increase return on geospatial investments ✔ Easily access customer support ✔ Take the guesswork out of annual budgeting ✔ Create a steady stream of new ideas and solutions ✔ Expand awareness, use, and benefits
  27. 27 Operating Reality #2 Expanding geospatial use cases and increasing

    application requirements
  28. 28 View on any device Publish key municipal data layers

    Flexible data integration Easily locate property information Overlay state and regional datasets AppGeo’s Subscription-based Mapping Platform
  29. 29 Endless Data Visualization Possibilities Tracking Lidar flight status Document

    Management and Linking Customer Base Analysis and Visualization Boat Mooring Tracking and Management
  30. 30 Operating Reality #3 Growing need for curated information products

    and business intelligence tied to location
  31. 31 GeoAnalytics From data to information Statistics Visualization Geospatial Analysis

  32. 32 School Redistricting Project Goals • Balance enrollment across districts

    • Minimize the impact of boundary changes • Keep subdivisions/neighborhoods intact • Minimize travel distances • Create socio-economic balance Project Approach • Data Gathering • Address Geocoding • Analyze demographics and neighborhoods • Scenario building • Analysis and Revision based on feedback Demographic Data Analysis Drive-Time Analysis Scenario building and comparison
  33. 33 We’re making proactive choices to help our customers succeed

  34. 34 III. Helping our clients to grow, innovate, evolve and

  35. 35 Web Application Enhancement Object Based Image Analysis Software Requirements

    Analysis Custom Application Development API-Driven Data Dissemination Imagery Serving Lidar Data and Derivative Products How do we help our customers to grow and evolve?
  36. 36 Support Application Growth & Evolution Release 1 Release 2

    Release 3 Web Application Development & Enhancement
  37. Evolution of DriveTexas ™ 37 2018 2019 2014 2016 2015

    2017 Web Application Enhancement
  38. 38 Share Valuable Data & Support Local Partners API-Driven Data

    Dissemination ORGANIZATIONAL DATA Replicate, Format, and Store Distribute via API Data Feed Handler
  39. 39 TPWD: Land Management Assistance Program Custom Web Application Project

    Goal: replace TPWD legacy systems & SUPPORT MORE CUSTOMERS with the same amount of staff resources Project Outcome: TPWD has INCREASED customer participation in support of conservation and stewardship
  40. 40 Geospatial Strategy for CAL FIRE Strategy & Architecture for

    Complex Missions
  41. 41 Caltrans Transportation System Network Replacement (TSNR) Selecting the right

    software solution to meet customer needs Market Research To understand existing systems of a similar nature (COTS, custom built, etc) including strengths and weaknesses 2 Software Recommendations Best-fit approach for particular set of requirements 4 Rank Potential Approaches A clear methodology for assessing and evaluating different approaches 3 Requirements Gathering To understand use cases, needs, data, existing challenges 1
  42. 42 “Innovation comes from people who take joy in their

    work.” W. Edwards Deming
  43. 43 National Fire Protection Association Cloud Solution Management and Optimization

    FD Submission Submission Processing NDFS Data Repository Storage System Analysis / Administration Enrich / Transform Extract Publishing Cloud Services Value Added Processes Business Analysis
  44. 44 New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Object-Based Image Analysis

    for Impervious Surface Mapping
  45. 45 New York City Lidar & DEM Update Lidar Data

    Management and Derivative Products
  46. 46 Giza Imagery Appliance for Statewide Imagery Imagery Serving for

    the State of Texas Agencies Download imagery from a web browser View a heatmap of usage
  47. 47 We are inspired by our customers: their visions, their

    goals, and their willingness to step outside traditional thinking and INNOVATE with us. THANK YOU