Top 5 Tips for Social Media Campaigns on Giving Days

Top 5 Tips for Social Media Campaigns on Giving Days


The Spark Mill

May 28, 2015


  1. TOP 5 TIPS The F O R I M P

    A C T F U L S O C I A L M E D I A C A M P A I G N S D U R I N G G I V I N G D A Y S
  2. INVEST NOW IN SOCIAL MEDIA & E-NEWS. Time spent now

    to clean your lists and online presence and work to expand your reach means your message goes further on give day.
  3. MAKE A PLAN AND ASSIGN ROLES Everyone needs a job.

    Fill out a staffing plan to help document roles and increase clarity for everyone.
  4. NAIL YOUR STORY Be clear about your ask. Do you

    want $10,000 to hire an intern or $50 gifts to buy food. Specificity works extremely well in giving day campaigns.
  5. CREATE AND USE STELLAR VISUALS A whole days worth of

    well put together visuals means your posts and tweets will get seen by more people.
  6. CURATE A TEAM OF AMBASSADORS Why do it yourself when

    you can have a team behind you? Recruit, train, and steward your volunteer social media champions.
  7. LEARN MORE Making the Ask Ambassadors Design Tools Storytelling Planning

    at the giving day social media sessions
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    a sparkler for a particularly gloomy day -