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Why SEOs should think about CRO when expanding internationally

Why SEOs should think about CRO when expanding internationally

How do you make sure that you get traffic and convert? How do you make sure that SEO and CRO work together? It’s all about Cultural Relevancy, not just “localized keywords.” In these slides, you will find insights on how Cultural Relevancy is critical in shaping CRO and SEO strategies, how these two only different tactics can and should work together, and the easy steps to implement to make them work.
More information on my dedicated article about the power of SEO and CRO in international markets: https://anconitano.com/international-seo-cro/

Slides presented at MeasureFest - BrightonSEO October 2022

Veruska Anconitano

October 05, 2022

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  1. Hello! I’m Veruska 
 International & Multilingual SEO Manager Hey,

    I’m on Twitter! @lacuochina [Do not Ask Me Why The Nickname. 😅]
  2. I’m Here to Discuss SEO and CRO Working Together in

    International SEO 12 Tips to Make This Happen
  3. I’m Not Here to Discuss Why Working In SEO is

    Better Than Working in CRO 😂 🤣 What Is SEO What Is CRO
  4. If It Works in One Market, It HAS to Work

    Everywhere! @lacuochina #brightonSEO
  5. Rethink Your CTA Be creative and analyze the market: Doesn’t

    have to be a button @lacuochina #brightonSEO
  6. Converting Keywords Use Power Words in target language. Do not

    be afraid to use slang and colloquial words @lacuochina #brightonSEO
  7. Search Intent and Purchase Funnel Navigational 👉 Awareness Informational 👉

    Learning Transactional 👉 Actionable Commercial 👉 Investigative • Navigational --> EF Sitio • Informational --> Como aprender inglés de forma rápido y fácil • Transactional --> Comprar curso de inglés EF • Commercial --> EF vs British Council Awareness Consideration Decision @lacuochina #brightonSEO
  8. Sacrifice for a Good Cause Remove THAT link at the

    top Remove THAT CTA in the middle of the text @lacuochina #brightonSEO
  9. Track & Optimize for Micro-Conversions Brand Authority Understand Users’ Journey

    Help Macro- Conversions • Time spent browsing around a series of pages; • Viewing a product page; • Pages per session; • Bounce Rate; • Exit Rate @lacuochina #brightonSEO
  10. Relevant Content Move away from content and structure in your

    source language Language Intent Topic @lacuochina #brightonSEO
  11. Headlines, Headings, Headlines, Headings Headlines and Headings are useful both

    for SEO and for CRO and help breaking down content @lacuochina #brightonSEO
  12. Speed For every second delay in page response, there’s a

    decrease in CR @lacuochina #brightonSEO
  13. Localize & Culturalize Adapt everything to convey your message to

    your target “If I'm selling to you, I speak your language. If I'm buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen!” - German Chancellor Willy Brandt @lacuochina #brightonSEO
  14. Key Takeaways 🤓 If you want to expand into a

    different market, you need to change your mindset about SEO and CRO and how they work together. 🤓 Understanding the local markets, the users' habits and search intent will help you build a better SEO strategy and experience and increase your CRO, which will likely lead to more success. 🤓 There are strategies to make sure SEO and CRO work together. You only need to find yours and put in place a process. 🤓 There's no magic in international expansion, but it's all about localization and culturalization of the experience. @lacuochina #brightonSEO
  15. “A company without a lead approach is just a hobby,

    not a business. [This was supposed to be the picture of a smart person!] @lacuochina #brightonSEO