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Marina Michkova, Yandex

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March 21, 2018

Marina Michkova, Yandex

Yandex: Efficient Monetization of Russian Mobile Traffic

(White Nights Conference Prague 2018)
The official conference website — http://wnconf.com



March 21, 2018


  1. Yandex: efficient monetization of Russian mobile traffic Marina Michkova, Head

    of Mobile Advertising Partnerships
  2. Yandex mission: the happiness of the user

  3. Why a mobile app owner is not happy? SDK RU

  4. Key reasons of low monetization performance and publisher’s unhappiness 1

    2 3 eCPM and revenue are dependence on seasonality Fill rate fluctuations Poor quality of ads
  5. We have an answer! Matrix Net + Crypta The largest

    pool of advertisers Strict moderation Yandex solutions Brand safety Precise targetings, high revenue and best eCPMs ≈ 100% constant fill rate
  6. ≈ 100% constant fill rate of native ads: Pikabu 6

    0% 55% 110% 17-01 17-02 17-03 17-04 17-05 17-06 17-07 17-08 17-09 17-10 17-11 17-12 18-01 Fill rate 50% 100%
  7. Choose Yandex Achieve great monetization results in Russia Yandex mobile

    ads SDK/ API
  8. Yandex Direct Data. All devices +11% +64% +54% 2016 2017

    2016 2017 2016 2017 Budgets of Yandex Direct advertisers have increased by 54% (smartphones) Clicks Budgets Impressions
  9. Top categories of advertisers according to budgets in Yandex Advertising

    Network Yandex Direct Data. All world. December, 2017 Top-5 categories Автомобильная индустрия Жилая недвижимость и … Финансовые услуги DIY Одежда, обувь и аксессуары Мебель Бытовая техника и … Товары для дома Туризм Юридические услуги Услуги в системе образования Automobile industry Residential property and mortgage services Financial services DIY Clothes, footwear and accessories Furniture Household appliances and electronics Home products Tourism Legal services Education services
  10. Happy international partners ▌ “Monetization from Yandex is one of

    the ▌ the most effective tools on the Russian ▌ market” VIBER Yandex’ Native ads in Viber
  11. Flexible ways of tech integration › Yandex Mobile ads SDK

    › API (S2S/OpenRTB) › Adapters for AdMob/MoPub › Dynamic monetization via AdFox
  12. SDK https://github.com/yandexmobile/yandex-ads-sdk-android https://github.com/yandexmobile/yandex-ads-sdk-ios External DSP App users Yandex Mobile Ads

    SDK Yandex Ad Exchange Auction Selecting the winner Comparing bids Yandex.Direct Yandex.Display External DSP query query query Banner Display bid bid bid
  13. API (S2S/OpenRTB) External DSP App users Apps Banner Ad Server

    Yandex.Direct DSP1 DSPs Display query bid query bid query bid
  14. Our channel in Telegram 14 https://telegram.me/YANtech

  15. Adapters for MoPub/AdMob External DSP App users Apps Banner Yandex

    Admob Others Display MoPub/ AdMob
  16. Dynamic monetization via AdFox Monetization of all traffic Mediation of

    direct ad campaigns, Yandex Advertizing Network, and other monetization platforms The highest cost per every impression + + = Yandex Advertising Network + AdFox
  17. Alternative mechanism of ads prioritizing Прямые продажи 100% traffic Traditional

    approach: Прямые продажи 100% traffic Alternative approach: Dynamic Monetization: + + Get the highest cost per every impression Direct Sales Direct Sales
  18. Possibilities for earnings growth Dynamic monetization is an algorithm allowing

    to sell impressions at the maximum price Your earnings grow even if your mobile app’s traffic volume remains unchanged
  19. Results of Dynamic monetization implemenation 19 +25% Partner’s revenue without

    Dymanic monetization On average Partner’s overall revenue is increased by +25% while the traffic volumes remained unchanged + 25% Partner’s revenue with Dymanic monetization
  20. Ad management: an option to restrict the display of ads

    by brands Media advertising – Full-blocking – CPM threshold restrictions
  21. Ad management: an option to restrict the display of ads

    by ad categories Media banners – Blocking of categories and subcategories fully or partially, using threshold CPM
  22. Yandex Advertising Network Coming soon: New ad formats

  23. Motion design for 300x250 and interstitials Motion increases publisher’s revenue

    by 5% - 10%
  24. How become a partner of Yandex Advertising Network 1. Fill

    out the partner form: http://partner.yandex.com 2. Integrate Yandex Mobile ads SDK or via OpenRTB 2 simple steps
  25. 1 Easy integration 2 Super fast technical support High fill-rate

    (up to 100%) The best eCPMs The largest database of advertisers 3 Yandex Advertising Network Target advertising by audience and content High revenue + 4 Yandex Crypta Matrix Net Why choosing Yandex Advertising Network
  26. Everyone is happy :)

  27. +7 495 739-70-00 (3365) michkovam@yandex-team.ru Let’s stay in touch Marina

    Michkova Head of Mobile Advertising Partnerships marina_yndx marina_yndx