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AnyMind Group Credential Deck(EN)

AnyMind Group Credential Deck(EN)

This is AnyMind Group Company Deck in English.

AnyMind Group

March 29, 2024

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  1. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. CONTENTS 01 02 03 04

    COMPANY About AnyMind Group BUSINESS About Our Business ORGANIZATION About The Organization CULTURE About Environment & Culture ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 2
  2. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. Make It Exciting For Everyone

    To Do Business. Purpose Create a world where everyone is passionate about business Make Every Business Borderless Mission Digitalize every business Our Purpose / Mission 3 ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 01 . COMPANY
  3. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. COMPANY About AnyMind Group 4

    01 ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 01 . COMPANY
  4. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. About Us Connecting the world

    through digitalization AnyMind Group is a Business-Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) company for marketing, e-commerce and digital transformation, and was founded in Singapore on April 2016. The company provides comprehensive support from production and e-commerce, to logistics and marketing, using its proprietary technologies and local networks established across the world. Years 8 Billion JPY 33.4 22 1500+ 54% 2023 5 ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 01 . COMPANY Establishment 2023 Revenue Locations Overseas Revenue Staff IPO (TSE) *As of December 31, 2023
  5. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 01 . COMPANY 22 Locations

    across APAC and the Middle East, serving the world Since the company’s founding in Singapore, we’ve expanded our business globally with 22 offices in 15 markets across Asia Pacific and the Middle East Bangkok Jakarta Banten Ho Chi Minh City Hanoi Taipei Phnom Penh Shanghai Tokyo Saga Hong Kong Malaysia Manila Shenzhen Delhi Bangalore Dubai Mumbai Saudi Arabia Seoul 6 Singapore Locations
  6. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 01 . COMPANY 7 Combining

    proprietary technology with operational expertise AnyMind offers a synergistic BPaaS offering, combining global platforms, local expertise and networks to serve enterprises worldwide across business processes, along with cross-border expansion. Locations
  7. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 01 . COMPANY Leadership Kosuke

    Sogo CEO and co-founder Rohit Sharma Senior Advisor Otohiko Kozutsumi CCO and co-founder Keizo Okawa CFO Siwat Vilassakdanont Managing Director,Thailand and Philippines Tatum Kembara Managing Director, E-Commerce Enablement Hitoshi Maruyama Managing Director, Publisher Growth Ben Chien Managing Director, Greater China Ryuji Takemoto Managing Director, Product Development Koki Shibata Managing Director, Engineering Punsak Limvatanayingyong Managing Director, Creator Growth Rubeena Singh Country Manager, India and MENA Aditya Aima Managing Director, Growth Markets Siddharth Kelkar Managing Director, Performance Business Takehiko Mizutani Managing Director, Human Resources Ted Kim Country Manager, Korea Lidyawati Aurelia Country Manager, Indonesia Nguyen Thi Ha My Country Manager, Vietnam Wing Lee General Manager, Taiwan Lee Chin Chuan Country Manager, Malaysia Toh Yi Hui Country Manager, Singapore Mayi Baviera Country Manager, Philippines Shohei Murata CDirector (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) Shogo Ikeuchi External Director Nao Kitazawa External Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) Tomoyuki Oka External Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) 8
  8. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 01 . COMPANY Our History

    AnyMind Group’s Growth Others EC/D2C Enablement Creator Growth Influencer Marketing Publisher Growth Digital Marketing 2016 Series A ¥280 m Series B ¥2.4 bn Series B ¥2.9 bn Series C ¥4 bn IPO TSE Growth 9 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 Q4 Q3 Q2 Q1 Q4 Q3 Q2 Q1 Q4 Q3 Q2 Q1 Q4 Q3 Q2 Q1 Q4 Q3 Q2 Q1 Q4 Q3 Q2 Q1 Q4 Q3 Q2 Q1 Q4 Q3 Q2 Q1 Series A ¥1.36 bn
  9. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 01 . COMPANY 10 Our

    Group Group Companies GROVE is a Japan-based influencer network acquired in January 2020. ENGAWA is a Japan-based cross-border marketing company acquired in January 2021. Moindy is a Thailand-based influencer network acquired in March 2019. FourM is a Japan-based publisher trading desk acquired in October 2017. Acqua Media is a Hong Kong-based publisher trading desk acquired in August 2018. AnyUp is a Japan-based joint venture between AnyMind Group and PR firm Sunny Side Up. POKKT is an India-based mobile advertising platform acquired in March 2020. DDI is an Indonesia-based e-commerce enabler acquired in September 2023.
  10. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 01 . COMPANY 11 Partnerships

    Regional Partnerships Regional Local Google Ads Premier Partner Google Certified Publishing Partner Badged Service Provider for Amazon Marketplaces Badged Amazon Ads Verified Partner Badged Partner for Creator Marketing Shopify Expert Partner Badged Partner in Campaign Management Meta Business Accelerator 2023 Partner for Creator/ BCA Campaigns TikTok Shop Partner in TH, MY, PH, ID,VN Affiliate Partner in SG, MY, TH, PH, VN, ID Affiliate Partner in SG, MY, TH, PH, VN, ID, TW Lazada Sponsored Solutions Preferred Partners for TH Certified (Engagement) Partner in TH
  11. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 12 BUSINESS About Our Business

    02 ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 02 . BUSINESS
  12. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 13 Supporting enterprise growth through

    BPaaS BPaaS provides an additional layer of value on top of SaaS (software-centric) and BPO (operations-centric), by providing greater flexibility, scalability and automation to the entire business process lifecycle. 02 . BUSINESS
  13. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 02 . BUSINESS 14 Our

    Business Supporting the growth of brands, publishers and creators AnyMind provides enterprises, publishers and creators with offerings in two main areas: Brand Commerce and Partner Growth. Brand Commerce For BRANDS Offerings to digitalize the business process, including production, marketing, e-commerce, logistics and cross-border expansion. For PUBLISHERS Comprehensive support for revenue maximization, user acquisition and UX improvement for web and mobile publishers. For CREATORS Solutions for creator economy growth: content distribution, monetization support, brand collaborations, and brand/product creation. Partner Growth
  14. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 02 . BUSINESS 15 Solutions

    powered by proprietary technology Enterprises, publishers and creators can leverage synergistic networks and data. Brand Commerce Digital Transformation Production E-Commerce eDistribution Influencer Marketing Digital Marketing Inbound Marketing Logistics Cross-Border Expansion For Brands User Acquisition Revenue Maximization Mobile App Operation Optimization Web Operation Optimization Music Distribution Content Monetization Product and Brand Development Talent Management For Publishers For Creators Partner Growth Solution
  15. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 02 . BUSINESS Business-Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS)

    is a business model that combines software and operations, which streamlines operations and reduces required manpower - enabling us to help our customers to drive business growth across multiple facets. 16 Solution Supporting business growth with technology X operations Leveraging on AnyMind’s strengths in technology, in-market operations and local networks BPaaS Supports operations and maximizes software value regardless of client’s internal structure Flexible updates for digital transformation of operations and use of AI Clients can monitor activity in real-time through software (Software + Operations) SaaS (Software) BPO (Operations)
  16. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 02 . BUSINESS 17 For

    BRANDS Solutions Solution Integrated offerings to digitalize the business process, including production, marketing, e-commerce, logistics and cross-border expansion. Digital Transformation Powering our proprietary technology through integrations with various systems for ERP, accounting, warehousing, and more. eDistribution Distribution support to online retailers and sales through official stores in e-commerce marketplaces for scalable channel expansion and sales growth. 01 Production Tap on a network of 200+ factories across Asia, and centrally manage all required processes from supplier selection to communication. 02 E-Commerce Comprehensive support from consultation and store development to launching and operating e-commerce channels. 03 04 ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved.
  17. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 02 . BUSINESS 18 For

    BRANDS Solutions Solution 05 06 07 08 Influencer Marketing Full-funnel, data-backed influencer marketing, including in-market support for operational and strategic expertise. Digital Marketing Proprietary platforms for web, mobile and DOOH advertising to drive better marketing outcomes for enterprises. Inbound Marketing In-market teams provide comprehensive support for planning, implementation and analysis of marketing, catered to each region. Cross-Border Logistics Tap on a network of domestic and international e-commerce carts and international shipping services to optimize e-commerce logistics. 09 Cross-Border Expansion Effective cross-border expansion support from GTM strategies and globally-scalable technology to operational support across 15 markets. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. Integrated offerings to digitalize the business process, including production, marketing, e-commerce, logistics and cross-border expansion.
  18. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 02 . BUSINESS 19 For

    PUBLISHERS Solutions Solution Designed to help web and mobile app publishers to drive business growth, our solutions include revenue maximization, development support, user acquisition and overseas expansion. Revenue Maximization Support for validation and implementation of technologies along with our own PMP network, aimed at maximizing advertising revenue. App Operations Optimization Streamline SDK implementation for ad serving and version upgrades Through overseas expansion and promotion optimization, we aim to maximize customer lifetime value (LTV). 01 User Acquisition Strategy formulation around SEO, ASO, UI/UX improvement and analytics, along with other marketing activities to drive user acquisition. 02 Web Operations Optimization No-code optimization of web media with a focus on usability. Additionally, tap on features for push notifications and page speed improvements. 03 04 ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved.
  19. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 02 . BUSINESS For CREATORS

    Solutions Solution Technology and support for brand and merchandise creation, brand collaborations, monetization, social media analytics, music distribution and more. Revenue Maximization Maximize earnings from platforms such as YouTube and TikTok by tapping on historical data and analysis, along with support to grow follower base and brand collaborations. Brand & Merchandising Create your own brand and merch: end-to-end support spanning product planning and manufacturing to e-commerce development, sales, delivery, and marketing. 01 Music Distribution Expand your reach worldwide with support such as music distribution on over 200 streaming services, copyright protection, creative production, and global expansion. 02 Talent Management Maximize celebrities, influencers, and VTubers' potential across social media with comprehensive support, including management, overseas market entry, and project acquisition. 03 04 20 ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved.
  20. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 02 . BUSINESS PUBLISHERS CREATORS

    21 Synergies Maximize value through synergistic solutions The cross-utilization of various proprietary technologies and services delivers multifold value to enterprises, publishers and creators. Marketing E-Commerce Logistics Cross-Border Expansion Analytics & Monetization Marketing UI/UX Improvement E-Commerce Social Media ops & analytics E-Commerce Brand Collaborations Cross-Border Expansion BRANDS
  21. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 02 . BUSINESS 22 Platforms

    Powerful Platforms Tap on a suite of platforms that are designed to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness across the business process - from e-commerce and influencer marketing to logistics and customer engagement. E-Commerce Platform Influencer Marketing Platform Web/application analysis platform Influencer Marketing Platform Logistics Management Platform CRM Platform EC construction/operation Manufacturing Platform Digital Marketing
  22. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 23 Centralized e-commerce channel management

    Drive operational efficiency and data utilization through AnyX, and tap on in-market expertise and operations to enhance e-commerce growth. Cross-border e-commerce localization Brand.com site management Platform Unified dashboard for e-commerce E-commerce marketplace management 02 . BUSINESS
  23. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 24 Maximize influencer marketing effectiveness

    through data A single platform for full-funnel influencer marketing management and social media analytics, that taps on AnyMind’s own pool of creators and influencers. Deep influencer insights Campaign management, tracking and reporting Social media analytics UGC management and utilization Platform 02 . BUSINESS
  24. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 25 All-in-one platform for publishers

    One-stop support for web and mobile app growth, from user acquisition and engagement to monetization, driving the growth of sustainable content creation and distribution Media Monetization App Monetization Media Commerce Consulting Platform 02 . BUSINESS
  25. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 26 Supporting the growth of

    creators and influencers AnyCreator is a web and mobile app platform that supports creators and influencers with content creation, content monetization, and channel and account growth. Join campaigns from brands Social media analytics and optimization Link in Bio creation and management Platform 02 . BUSINESS Receive rewards and products
  26. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 27 Global logistics platform for

    e-commerce Functional and intuitive platform that is connected with domestic and international shipping providers, providing optimization for both domestic and cross-border logistics. Centralized order and inventory management Receiving, packing and shipping Automatic issuance of invoices Display of customs and shipping charges at checkout Platform 02 . BUSINESS
  27. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 28 Conversational commerce that maximizes

    sales opportunities A single platform for CRM operations, from CX improvement to LTV maximization - delivered through content that is tailored for each individual through centralized management and visualization of purchases and conversions. Platform 02 . BUSINESS Automated chat workflows Message broadcasting of campaign content Centralized chat management E-commerce integrations
  28. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 29 One-stop e-commerce solutions Shopify

    Experts Fulfillment support Cross-border e-commerce localization Comprehensive support for e-commerce site development Support for the development, maintenance and upgrading of all types of e-commerce sites. Platform 02 . BUSINESS
  29. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 30 Optimal manufacturer search Project

    management Customized designing and production Facilitation of global product manufacturing A manufacturing platform that connects anyone with over 200 factories across Asia, and match the most suitable factory based on product needs and requirements. Platform 02 . BUSINESS Extensive factory database
  30. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 31 Multi-channel management Premium ad

    marketplace DOOH POKKT Mobile Ads (in-app advertising) Integrated management of web and app advertising A digital marketing platform that enables centralized management from ad serving to management and analysis of online and offline media globally. Platform 02 . BUSINESS
  31. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. ORGANIZATION About our organization 03

    32 ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 03 . ORGANIZATION
  32. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 02 . BUSINESS 03 .

    ORGANIZATION 33 Solutions Strength in local networks and in-market operations We have focused on strengthening in-market teams in each market across APAC. In a diverse region like Asia, we believe that the strength of local teams and network of local partners in each country are crucial in business growth. Team Size Malaysia 60 Singapore 45 Hong Kong 41 Others 24 Taiwan 69 Philippines 101 India 103 Indonesia 179 Vietnam 245 # of employees 1,590 Japan 391 Thailand 332 Creator Publisher D2C / EC Influencers 630,000 YouTubers 1700 > 1M followers 120 Active Publishers 1,645 Monthly churn rate 1.0% Supported creator brands 38 Supported enterprise brands 153 03 . ORGANIZATION *As of Dec 31, 2023 (1) All figures in this slide are as of Dec 31,2023 (2) The "monthly churn rate" is the monthly average ratio of customers that left during the current quarter to the number of customers at the end of the previous quarter (excluding customers with less than 0.1% of the total usage ratio). (2) (63% outside Japan) 68% outside of Japan
  33. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 02 . BUSINESS 03 .

    ORGANIZATION 34 Global development structure supporting continuous new business creation. We have development bases in four countries: Japan, Thailand, India, and Vietnam, and our in-house headhunting team has established a system to directly recruit engineers from around the world. We reflect the needs and market trends of each country as well as the latest technology in our development. By leveraging both operations and technology to the fullest extent, we strive to enhance the value provided by the platform. Operation Input on market needs and competitive environment Deployment to overseas offices Product development direction and priorities Product manager Global Development Team Country Manager
  34. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 02 . BUSINESS 03 .

    ORGANIZATION 35 Established multilateral operations Local operations, customer and employee management are led by country managers Business standardization, product development, cross-border initiatives and new business are led by business managers Simultaneous localization and accumulation of best practices and expertise Matrix-structured organization by business and market Japan Thailand Singapore Vietnam Indonesia Influencer Marketing Digital Marketing D2C & E-Commerce Publisher Growth Creator Growth Operation
  35. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 02 . BUSINESS 03 .

    ORGANIZATION 36 Offices Tokyo Thailand Vietnam Tokyo Indonesia Vietnam
  36. ©AnyMind Group. All Right Reserved. 02 . BUSINESS 03 .

    ORGANIZATION 37 SDGs SDG Initiatives Economic empowerment through our technology Our products and technology delivers ever-growing value to individuals and businesses. From empowering individuals to start their own businesses and online websites and apps to grow sustainably, to supporting the end-to-end supply chain of businesses and commerce. Our technologies and business models are simultaneously rolled out across 15 locations around Asia, stimulating the growth of economies in the region. Revitalize local communities We empower rural and urban communities across our 15 markets across Asia Pacific and beyond. Apart from the establishment of operations and hiring in local communities, we also work with organizations to promote the various regions we’re in. From local manufacturers and governments to aspiring social media influencers and entrepreneurs in non-urban areas, we’re revitalizing communities through our people and our technology. Socioeconomic empowerment for our people With a workforce of over 1,500 people located across Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia and the Middle East, we will continue to provide equal opportunities by ensuring standardization of initiatives from staff recruitment and development, performance evaluation and career opportunities, and grow our workforce to drive sustainable impact on our various societies. In addition, each of our people will go on to create their own impact on AnyMind Group’s own stakeholders and their own societies across the region. Diversity & inclusion At AnyMind Group, equality and inclusion are achievable by all and for all. Equal access and opportunities to learn, grow, succeed and thrive are available to all employees, regardless of age, nationality and gender. Performance individually, as a team and as a business is the fuel that keeps us going, and we recognize that. Our directors and management team are represented by over nine nationalities, and females comprise over 38% of managerial levels and above. Contribution to innovation As a company, we're on a constant journey of innovation to make it easier for commerce to be conducted across the region and the world. From innovative ways to implement greater trackability in manufacturing and drive greater efficiency for supply chains, to platforms that help businesses all over the world market and sell their products, whilst advancing the concept of commerce anywhere. We are continuously improving and building new functionalities for existing products, and developing new products and business models to drive innovation throughout the business supply chain.