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AnyMind Group Company Deck (EN)

AnyMind Group
August 10, 2022

AnyMind Group Company Deck (EN)

This is AnyMind Group Company Deck in English.

AnyMind Group

August 10, 2022

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  1. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Last update 2022.07.19

  2. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. About AnyMind Group 01.

    Business Overview 02. Diving Deeper Into The Company 03. Contents 2
  3. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. About AnyMind Group AnyMind

    Group is a technology company that aims to become the leading player in Asia for the commerce space We provide a one-stop solution for manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics and marketing in 13 markets globally What is AnyMind Group 3
  4. About AnyMind Group 01. 4

  5. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. About AnyMind Group Our

    presence From Asia to the world Since our founding in Singapore, we have continued to expand our business internationally, with a base across 13 markets in Asia. Our in-market expert teams help our customers maximize the value out of our technology across borders. 5
  6. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. About AnyMind Group CEO's

    Message Since I was a boy, I dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur. I was excited by the prospect of running my own business and creating an impact on the world. In 2016, my passion and dream came true with the founding of AnyMind Group together with Otohiko Kozutsumi. Over the years, the company has gone full speed into new markets, new products, and new industries. We have also propelled the growth of the most exciting and forward-thinking enterprises and creators in Asia and beyond by constantly delivering new value to them. As a company, our purpose is to make it exciting for everyone to do business. From our technology and solutions to our people, we’re all focused on opening up new possibilities for our customers, and that is why we’ve constantly evolved and expanded our offerings over the years. Today, we are an end-to-end commerce enablement company that is transforming commerce to become more exciting, effective, and efficient through our technology. We’re putting the ability to do great business into the hands of creators and enterprises across Asia and the world, and empowering them to experience the excitement in easily bringing ideas to life. I believe that any passion, any dream, and any idea can create new value in this world, and the thing is, we’re only getting started. Let's move forward, together. 6
  7. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. About AnyMind Group Our

    Purpose © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Business is exciting. We live for the moments when people's passions, dreams, and ideas come true. That's why we provide technology to make every business borderless. Empowering everyone with greater possibilities and freedom to create new products and services. Let's move forward, together. Any passion, any dream, any idea can create new value in this world. Make It Exciting for everyone to do business. 7
  8. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. About AnyMind Group Our

    Mission Make Every Business Borderless Technology has enabled an age where anyone can do business with the rest of the world. However, borders still remain. Borders between siloed information and data across a business, borders between physical boundaries, borders between businesses and their customers, and more. We're looking to make every business borderless by providing an integrated platform that solves challenges for people and companies with passion and ideas. Our technology creates a world where everyone can do business more easily and globally. Next-generation business infrastructure 8
  9. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. About AnyMind Group Our

    Values Be Open Move Faster Stay Updated Achieve Together Embrace diversity, and express your thoughts openly while respecting other people's opinions. Be Bold Don't set limitations for yourself, keep on challenging for more. Be faster than anyone else, and put your ideas into action quickly. Update yourself with information to achieve better outcomes. In all situations, always identify and run towards a common goal. 9
  10. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. About AnyMind Group AnyMind

    Group by the numbers © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. 10 *Data is accurate as of December 2021 (excluding funding amount)
  11. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Our History 11 ©

    AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. About AnyMind Group
  12. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Our offices 12 About

    AnyMind Group
  13. Business Overview 02. 13

  14. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Japan 43% Southeast Asia

    41% Greater China 9% Operating regions 13 markets Revenue by region Q2 FY 2021 Mainland China 14.4 India 13.5 ASEAN 6.6 Middle East 2.6 Japan 1.2 Hong Kong 0.7 Taiwan 0.2 Population of target market Approx. 4bn people We’re looking to power a market of over 4 billion people across Asia, and we have a diversified portfolio that includes Southeast Asia, East Asia, India and the Middle East. Business Overview Target markets and global revenue base 14 Population distribution India 7%
  15. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Business Overview Platforms 15

    We develop and provide unique platforms across manufacturing, logistics, e-commerce, conversational commerce and marketing. E-commerce manufacturing Factory selection / Specification / Production control E-commerce site build and operations Chat management / CRM Social media insights / Campaign management Campaign management / Reporting Receiving / Outbound / Inventory Site analytics / User Engagement Social media insights / CRM E-Commerce Manufacturing E-commerce Enablement Conversational Commerce Influencer Marketing Digital Marketing Logistics Media and App Growth Creator Growth
  16. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Business Overview Delivering next-generation

    commerce Brand Commerce Integrated platform that supports everything from manufacturing to e-commerce enablement, marketing and logistics Partner Growth Monetization and growth of publishers and content creators Analytics UX improvement Monetization E-commerce Marketing Logistics Manufacturing Influencer marketing Digital marketing Logistics E-commerce enablement Conversational commerce E-commerce management Manufacturing Media & app growth Creator growth 16 We empower brands, publishers and creators with an end-to-end value chain from brand design and planning, manufacturing, marketing and logistics. Our platforms form the next-generation commerce infrastructure, enabling our customers to unlock holistic data and functionality across key business functions.
  17. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Business Overview About Brand

    Commerce © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. End-to-end solutions OEM and D2C support from manufacturing to sales 17 Manufacturing E-commerce site development, social media management, influencer marketing, live commerce, digital marketing Marketing Analytics Customer Engagement Conversational commerce, CRM, customer relations and email newsletters Sales, channel, marketing and fulfillment analytics Fulfillment In-warehouse management, order management, automatic shipping, inventory maintenance Cross-border Localization, cross-border e-commerce, logistics, customer support Manufacturing Cross-border Analytics Marketing Fulfillment Customer engagement End-to-end We’re powering the entire business value chain for next-generation commerce from strategy to manufacturing, e-commerce, marketing and logistics.
  18. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Point-based and integrated solutions

    Business Overview About Brand Commerce 18 Tap on a range of point-based solutions and technology, or as part of a single suite of platforms - 3C Model Analysis - Brand Conceptualization - Sales Strategy - Manufacturer / Supplier Selection - Purchasing Management - Quality Assurance - Social Media - Influencer / UGC - Advertising - Chat Commerce / CRM (Customer Support) - Affiliate - Email Newsletter - Content Creatio - Store Development and Managed Operation - System Link - Product Detail Preparation - Product Registration / Update - CVR Imprrovement - UI / UX Improvement - SEO Optimization - Order Processing - Payment Confirmation - Inventory Allocation - Shipping Instructions - Inbound and Storage - Printing Package Slips, Packaging - Shipping Management - Inquiry Response - Return Management - Claims Handling - Language / Currency Support - UI / UX Optimization - Fulfillment Support Strategy Manufacturing Marketing Store Development Order Management Logistics Customer Support Cross Border Localization
  19. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Business Overview Brand Commerce

    customers 19 In Brand Commerce, we’re powering thousands of brands and creator brands from manufacturing and logistics to e-commerce, marketing and more. * This is a non-exhaustive list of customers * Accurate as of December 2021 1100+ Brands supported
  20. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Business Overview About Partner

    Growth Advertising revenue, site analytics and keyword analytics Engage Monetize Increase load speeds for media and e-commerce sites Activate communications through push notifications and in-app messages Maximize ad revenue with a single ad tag or SDK Implementation of web stories and other features 5 key areas for growth Build Speed Analytics 1 2 3 4 5 20 Site optimization Market expansion Increased inflows Maximize advertising revenues Web and app growth *The image above shows offerings for web-based media companies (publishers) Partner Growth provides web/app publishers and creators with technologies and solutions for growth
  21. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Business Overview About Publisher

    Growth 21 1200+ 45+ Publisher Markets covered We’re powering over 1,200 web and app publishers across more than 45 markets globally, with a customer churn rate of less than 1.0% *All figures and data are accurate as of December 2021
  22. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Monetization Analytics and monetization

    Business Overview Synergistic solutions catered to help our customers grow AnyMind Group provides unparalleled value to brands, publishers and creators. We provide end-to-end support for brand and business growth both domestically and internationally. We’re building the next-generation commerce infrastructure that covers manufacturing, marketing, sales and logistics Brands Creators Publishers Airline A Creator B App publisher C Marketing Social media analytics D2C Monetization Brand collaborations D2C D2C (Logistics) 22
  23. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. CyberAgent (2003) Business Overview

    Comparison of revenue in the 6th fiscal year of a company’s establishment AnyMind Group’s revenue in our sixth fiscal year of operations is high when compared to some of the technology giants of today, and we will continue to aim for sustained growth in the future. AnyMind Group Rakuten (2002) ¥19.2bn ¥9.8bn ¥16.2bn RMB 359m ¥1.5bn DeNA (2004) Alibaba Group (2004) 23 [Sources CyberAgent:https://www.cyberagent.co.jp/files/user/pdf/ir/library/annual/9772_ext_08_0.pdf Salesforce:https://companiesmarketcap.com/salesforce/revenue/ tencent:https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/tencent%3A-the-ultimate-outsider.-part-i-in-a-two-part-series-on-the-biggest-company-we-know Salesforce (2004) Tencent (2003) Rakuten:https://corp.rakuten.co.jp/investors/documents/results/2002.html Alibaba Group:https://www1.hkexnews.hk/listedco/listconews/sehk/2009/0401/ltn20090401489.pdf DeNA:https://ssl4.eir-parts.net/doc/2432/tdnet/238670/00.pdf US$140m US$100m Conversion rates 1USD:¥116/2003年(tencent) 1USD:¥108/2004年(Salesforce) 1RMB:¥13/2004年(Alibaba Group)
  24. Diving Deeper Into The Company 03. 24

  25. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Diving Deeper Into The

    Company Expert teams to maximize the value of our technology 25 Partners Influencers Manufacturers Publishers Partner Growth D2C Marketing Influencer access YouTube creators YouTube creators with > 1m subscribers Brands developed Partnered factories Markets with partnered factories Monthly churn rate Number of publisher partners 300,000+ 1,400+ 75+ 65 200+ 6 < 1.0% 1,200 + Japan 284 Thailand 217 Vietnam 148 India 98 Indonesia 96 Philippines 47 Taiwan 37 Hong Kong 31 Singapore 21 Others 48 Employees (End of December 2021) (End of December 2021) The company, which was founded in Singapore in 2016, has been actively contributing to the economic growth of markets across Asia, and currently has over 1,000 staff across the region.
  26. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Diving Deeper Into The

    Company Global development structure to support high growth Country Managers Product Managers International Development Centers Input on country needs and competitive environment Localization Set product development direction and priorities Product development 26 Asia is a diverse region, with each country having its own language, culture and customs - even billing methods differ. One of our key strengths is the ability to localize these region-based differences into our products. Since our founding, we’ve constantly developed our products and have achieved strong growth by shortening the time from development to availability of our products to customers, and simultaneously deploying our products in multiple markets. Our platforms are developed from various parts of the region, and are localized based on country needs.
  27. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Diving Deeper Into The

    Company Leadership team Kosuke Sogo CEO and Co-founder Rohit Sharma COO Otohiko Kozutsumi CCO and co-founder Keizo Okawa CFO Hitoshi Maruyama Managing Director, Publisher Growth Ryuji Takemoto Managing Director, Product Development Vaibhav Odhekar Managing Director, India and the Middle East Koki Shibata Managing Director, Engineering Purwa Jain Managing Director, Product Growth Aditya Aima Managing Director, Agency Business Shailesh Garg Managing Director, Engineering, POKKT Siddharth Kelkar Managing Director, Performance Business Takehiko Mizutani Managing Director, Human Resources Ben Chien Managing Director, Greater China Punsak Limvatanayingyong Country Manager, Thailand Lidyawati Aurelia Country Manager, Indonesia Nguyen Thi Ha My Country Manager, Vietnam Wing Lee Country Manager, Taiwan Lee Chin Chuan Country Manager, Malaysia Siwat Vilassakdanont Country Manager, Philippines Shohei Murata Corporate Auditor Shogo Ikeuchi External Director Nao Kitazawa External Corporate Auditor Tomoyuki Oka External Corporate Auditor 27
  28. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Diving Deeper Into The

    Company SDG initiatives Socioeconomic empowerment for our people With a workforce of over 1,000 people located across Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia and the Middle East, we will continue to provide equal opportunities by ensuring standardization of initiatives from staff recruitment and development, performance evaluation and career opportunities, and grow our workforce to drive sustainable impact on our various societies. In addition, each of our people will go on to create their own impact on AnyMind Group’s own stakeholders and their own societies across the region. Economic empowerment through our technology Our products and technology delivers ever-growing value to individuals and businesses. From empowering individuals to start their own businesses and online websites and apps to grow sustainably, to supporting the end-to-end supply chain of businesses and commerce. Our technologies and business models are simultaneously rolled out across 13 locations around Asia, stimulating the growth of economies in the region. Diversity & inclusion At AnyMind Group, equality and inclusion are achievable by all and for all. Equal access and opportunities to learn, grow, succeed and thrive are available to all employees, regardless of age, nationality and gender. Performance individually, as a team and as a business is the fuel that keeps us going, and we recognize that. Our directors and management team are represented by over nine nationalities, and females comprise over 38% of managerial levels and above. Revitalize local communities We empower rural and urban communities across our 13 markets across Asia Pacific and beyond. Apart from the establishment of operations and hiring in local communities, we also work with organizations to promote the various regions we’re in. From local manufacturers and governments to aspiring social media influencers and entrepreneurs in non-urban areas, we’re revitalizing communities through our people and our technology. Contribution to innovation As a company, we're on a constant journey of innovation to make it easier for commerce to be conducted across the region and the world. From innovative ways to implement greater trackability in manufacturing and drive greater efficiency for supply chains, to platforms that help businesses all over the world market and sell their products, whilst advancing the concept of commerce anywhere. We are continuously improving and building new functionalities for existing products, and developing new products and business models to drive innovation throughout the business supply chain. 28
  29. Life @ AnyMind Group 04. 29

  30. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Life @ AnyMind Group

    Systems to support employee growth Rising Star Awards Employees are selected across markets to take part in special business units and positions, such as being selected for new business or product manager positions. MVP, Best Employee We hold an annual award ceremony to recognize the top performing talent across the company. Weekly 1 on 1s Each line manager holds weekly informal meetings to get your valuable feedback. Performance Review We hold performance reviews twice a year to ensure you achieve your six-month goals. Periodic HR sessions We provide regular opportunities for new graduates, mid-career employees and interns with the opportunity to discuss concerns with the HR team. Internal transfers A system that allows employees to freely request a transfer to a department or country of choice. Mentoring system Seasoned employees are assigned to new joiners to provide consultation, advice and support for career development All-hands Meeting Our all-hands meeting is a global gathering of all employees where top talent is recognized for their efforts. Quarterly leadership sessions Our quarterly AnyMind Ignite features sessions with the company’s top leadership to align all employees on the same page. 30 We offer a variety of programs to help employees achieve continuous growth, including:
  31. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. AnyMind Group’s safe and

    secure environment This includes a 60-minute break. Housing assistance Special leave Club activities Two days off a week, national holidays and other festive vacations. Life @ AnyMind Group Childcare leave Social insurance / employee pension / employment insurance Workers accident compensation. Marriage leave, maternity leave, bereavement leave. Health checkups 30,000 yen per month for employees who live within 3 stations of the office. Childcare leave is available until the child reaches one year of age. Social insurance Holidays 15 days in the first year, 17 days in the second year, 19 days in the third year, 21 days in the fourth year, and 23 days after the fifth year. Paid vacations Commuting allowance Commuting and business transportation expenses provided. Medical examinations are available at the company’s expense. 31 Family system For a limited period of time, you will form a family with other employees to promote interdepartmental bonds. Activity expenses are paid. TGIF Held regularly on Fridays, these sessions help strengthen bonds over casual drinks and snacks. Activities are designed to stimulate communication within the company and across departments. 9:00 - 18:00
  32. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Life @ AnyMind Group

    Goal setting and evaluation system We set goals and conduct evaluations on a six-month cycle with the objectives of “achieving company performance,” “supporting employee growth,” and “fair distribution of compensation.” Evaluation basis Achievement of semi-annual goals Role ability Company values Competency Performance Growth Career path Set goals in January and July Promotion and salary increment based on achievement of goals 32 H2 H1
  33. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. 創業記念・入社式 (Japan) Throughout the

    year, we hold many internal events both locally and globally All-Hands Meeting (Global) Year End Party (Japan) AnyMind Japan Ignite (Japan) フットサル部の様子 (Japan) 読書部の様子 (Japan) 33 Life @ AnyMind Group AnyMind Group Event Calender January April July December
  34. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Life @ AnyMind Group

    Company-wide events and awards All-Hands Meeting Ignite Monthly General Meeting An online company meeting where CXO, country, business and product heads share about business figures and strategies, including product development roadmaps. Ignite focuses on equipping staff with top insights and knowledge to grow both professionally and personally. The CEO will also look back at the company’s performance in the previous quarter and share about movements for the next quarter. The AnyMind Group team from all markets gather into a single in-person venue to learn about the company’s direction, strategies and product updates, along with an awards ceremony to recognize the best performers globally. During company events such as All-Hands Meetings, Ignites and Monthly General Meetings, the leadership and staff share their progress in making it exciting for everyone to do business. 34
  35. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Life @ AnyMind Group

    Open communication We’ve built a culture of open communication, and anyone can reach everyone in the company. Apart from weekly office meetings where country and department progress is shared, we also use an internal communication tool globally - Workplace - providing access our teams across the region. Workplace Weekly office meetings 35
  36. Company Name AnyMind Group HQ CEO 31/F Roppongi Hills Mori

    Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Kosuke Sogo Business Founded April 2016 Brand Commerce Development and provision of a platform that provides one-stop support for brand design and planning, production, e-commerce enablement, marketing, and logistics. Partner Growth Platforms for website and mobile application publishers and content creators to monetize and grow their brands. https://anymindgroup.com/contact/ Inquiries 36
  37. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. 37 We Are Hiring

    ! Find your dream job
  38. © AnyMind Group. All Rights Reserved. Thank You 38