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Multiplework, Week of September 9, 2013 Slide Set #2

September 11, 2013

Multiplework, Week of September 9, 2013 Slide Set #2

We are presenting "out loud" ongoing Slides of Multiple "news" coming through public Google Searches emailed to me/us daily. My name is Ann Garvey, and I have been diagnosed a multiple for 23 years and I've been in one kind of therapy after another for nearly 30 years. I am Just a multiple, not a therapist or any other kind of paid professional. I care about multiples and their issues and our intent is to learn more about multiplicity from ourselves and others, contribute to the understanding and insights of multiplicity, and focus on being in an ongoing conversation. If you would like to contact me, the email address is [email protected]. And, if you would like more information, my main blog is at: Annsmultipleworldofpersonality.blogspot.com

Thanks for listening :)



September 11, 2013

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  1. 01 Not enough alone time : Dissociative Identity Disorder Forum

    - Psych forums www.psychforums.com in list: *** 9-9-13 • My girlfriend is the primary co-host of a system. I am recently out of work, therefore homebound for the most part till I can start my new job.The issue of having enough alone time for Others to have their 'out time' as we put it, has come up since I'm stuck at home much of the time. • But I love her and the System and want what's best, so They need to get Their time.Recently I have been very depressed, and with some med changes, my own dissociation has been , much worse as I have PTSD and dissociative depersonalisation disorder. So it been unstable lately.She has many littles in the System that i'm normally very close to.
  2. Understandably they are not very comfortable having 'out time' with

    me around right now due to the instability.We have been arguing a lot and have been short tempered recently • But due to her triggers, which I never hold against her, I am not able to receive any form of physical comfort. Even just rubbing my back is triggering. Because of this, I have felt very distant from her, and somewhat uncared for. Even taken for granted. • This frikin sucks, and don't know what to do anymore. I am trying very hard to get back in control of my own health, and at the same time I feel expected to do so much to take care of her and the System. Annotations: http://bit.ly/15VXcn2 Photo: http://bit.ly/15W3HWS Ann Ludford Garvey It seems like an unfortunate system of one person having to leave the home to so the other person can find private space, but for sure it has to be workable for both parties. I'm the one home for the most part, though my boyfriend works from home too. Just he goes out more and I do appreciate having the place SOMEtimes for my/our own. This problem needs to be better communicated between parts on both sides so neither feel abandoned. I couldn't conceive of how difficult a household would be with two people dissociating, I really give this couple credit for "hard work." It seems like some kind of "de-stress" time is in order however each considers this. Everything from a nice comfortable bubble bath to a night out on the town. Maybe a good start would be learning to just hold hands again. If that didn't work, maybe a pinkie? A relationship is 50-50 not just one person giving. Pretty sure this is standard operating procedure though. I was just thinking ... it be fun with TWO multiples to make a game out of it ... Like to put all the times (2 -3 hour blocks of time) then trade cards until the hours work out even ... if there is a draw the slot of time goes to "both" and at any time the two parties can agree freely to hand over to the "both" pile time cards :) Make it fun :) :) Pretty much this is just where we are and who's out ... it has to work for our system too ... we like fun
  3. 02 A question about Multiple Personality Disorder??!? answers.yahoo.com in list:

    *** 9-9-13 • A question about Multiple Personality Disorder??!? • Or "DID" ...Is it ALWAYS caused by a past trauma or only some cases? Thanx. Annotations: http://bit.ly/15VXcn2 Photo: http://bit.ly/17pS2DF Ann Ludford Garvey Simple answer is that no one knows 100%. The last time I heard a figure it was like 90-95% of the time it seems to be caused from trauma (especially child sex abuse) - particularly incest prior to the age of five. There are others who don't believe in DID who state it is caused by over-zealous therapists. My thought there is that a therapist can over-diagnose if not trained, but that DID is still real and caused by trauma. Take note here please we are a multiple so obviously are biase
  4. 03 Meeting Tha Alters...Lol www.experienceproject.com in list: *** 9-9-13 •

    Ok so, im meeting my alters, this is an intellectual that wants n needs to become humble, he is self absorbed n needs to be more selfless, he is pissweak and a blouse and he needs some courage and dash or a backbone. I think, either that or its two seperate alters. So theres Sally, theres "Cold hard man",lil Sal, theres intellectual, the insecure sensitive obsessive paranoid female, Goddess DIANA...And boy o boy, my memory is totally hopless. Love comments yo, peace!
  5. Annotations: http://bit.ly/1fZuV4A Photo: http://bit.ly/17PR58w Ann Ludford Garvey My empathy in

    trying to sort everyone out. I remember the first couple of years it took awhile to distinguish one part from the other. And, it seems there are some parts that are better at "figuring" than others. I like this person's parts. He seems to have fun with them too. No doubt there are days where it gets overwhelming, but humor always helps. My only comment is to take the "work" of communicating with alters with a grain of salt. If someone doesn't want to give up information, you can ask, and even press a bit, but listen to their complaints as they let you know why they are leery of giving out more information. Might be as simple as - you promised me popcorn at 2:30 and it's now 3 pm. Peace!
  6. 04 Worse than I thought! www.psychforums.com in list: *** 9-9-13

    • Then they were telling me that this has happened with other stuff! They've noticed that I forget traumatic events close to immediately after they happen, like that fight- there's been more than just that aparently. I had no clue that I was totally forgetting such recent large things anymore, I thought the only large time gaps and events forgotten were from way back years ago! • This means that this dissociative thing I have is way bigger than initially thought, and that the shifts in personality are more severe than I'd known (I never normally fight like that, let alone be the antagonist). And I do keep a diary, but that wasn't in there, nor the other times- or maybe there were, there seemed to be pieces of pages torn out!
  7. • I'm really really really scared now, I was crying

    for a while last night about it. I can't deal with this! Can anyone help with this? How can I help prevent things like this happening in the future? Or learn about past times? If I bring it up directly to people, asking if I've done anything like that to or near them, they'll be suspicious and think I'm weirder than they already think I am. I have absolutely no idea what I can do! ;____; • Bipolar 1, rapid-cycling. Sensory-integration disorder, primarily auditory. Some type of depersonalization/dissociative disorder (probly DID). Sometimes anxiety and/or OCD. Eating disorder. On Lamictal, 300mg Annotations: http://bit.ly/18PuBD1 Photo: http://bit.ly/17pS2DF Ann Ludford Garvey My thought here is ... slow down. :) Probably last thing anyone wants to hear about things like this, but it really would feel less catastrophic if the writer slowed down and paid attention to the things immediately in her environment rather than to race her brain figuring out things that will take time. She might even be able to answer some of her questions, but insight building sometimes needs a little rest. It sounds like there hasn't even been a clear diagnosis of DID, though this person seems to have a psychiatrist because she is on psychiatric medicine. If it is a case of multiplicity there is not much that can be done in creating things you want to happen when you want them to happen. Same with praying ... you can do it, but demanding a certain action isn't going to work until you are open to the answer that you were sent. I don't do a lot with religion, but the parallel seemed so close, we had to try it. Basically, in answer to the original query is that if you are dissociating then it's within you to do so - and about any time. Like I don't recall when my boyfriend left ... so just have to piece it together. I have difficulty remembering things a lot ... so I tend to write ALL over the place <--- see!?? AND last, TRUST the people you hire to help take care of you, or seek another you can start to trust.
  8. 05 switching confusion www.psychforums.com in list: *** 9-9-13 • when

    you switch, how do you experience it? i see people talking about rapid switching and i'm uncertain if it explains the way things feel, like i remain conscious on some level but feel out of control and aware of being someone else. the body feels either very heavy or wired depending on which state is i'm in. i feel often inlfuenced or compelled to do or say things (if i refuse to say or do these things they get stuck on repeat in my head until i do). • how do you experience this? how do you get that clarity for each one? • my mental health has been declining this past few weeks; yesterday i was mostly bedbound with a few free moment,
  9. cycling between extreme depression and feeling nothing at all, being

    unable to move my body- it being a deadweight like it does not belong to me. i was wonder if this precurses a longer/deeper switch? do any of you experience this? or when a new alter comes up? Annotations: http://bit.ly/18bM3Fv Photo: http://bit.ly/15W63oW Ann Ludford Garvey It seems as if the writer's statement on the experience of switching works for us as an explanation. I think some of the confusion comes in that different parts seem to understand the switches differently. Like our Corey (mid-older) perceives questions answered by our Marie by just concentrating on the next thought that comes after the question, where our Casey (mid-younger) still perceives switching as an authoritative voice which is sometimes accepted and sometimes makes her frustrated. There are times the switches are fast, and others slow. I've heard of multiplicity like being on a stage ... whoever has the stool in the front of the stage has control of the body/brain. Others can be standing behind her sharing co-consciousness, and sometimes one will push the "Out part" over and take the lead. This is frowned upon by most parts unless they are feeling in the hot seat. Other times like being in the hot seat a part might say, someone else PLEASE take over - and then those switches are slower. We don't always have clarity of who is taking over. It might be part of our therapy, but our doctor is responsive to talking with whichever part is out, but we don't say ... this is Annemarie, or this is Henry. He's pretty much out of the loop even at 14 years being with him as to which parts are by which name, unless someone specifically wants to be identified. And, it works that way in our head too. Whoever the part out is "Ann". Sometimes our boyfriend will say something like, "bring it up a level." He doesn't call parts by name either, but he knows when he isn't talking to someone that is being regressed.We don't seem to last real long as to who is doing what - so, we can't say totally that like Kelsie had all afternoon, because KC might have in the middle gotten up to raid the fridgerator. We have 20 parts (one has symbolically died), but after the age of 18 when we left our family home (now 54 years old) there were no new parts added - BUT a lot of "work-out" from the 19 remaining. I know that if we are really studying our behavior, emotions, thoughts, etc., then we often have to stop and figure out who is instigating the differences and then that is discussed with our Doctor. I hope the writer starts to feel more comfortable as she discovers herself and the way her brain operates. Sorry for being long-winded here ...always our best!
  10. 06 frustrated with lack of therapy. www.psychforums.com in list: ***

    9-9-13 • Right now I am in a therapy program for depression and anxiety... it includes a 45 minute individual session with a therapist a week, and a few group sessions, like art, self esteem, healthy relationships, and the such.This is all very good but it doesn't help me with the D.I.D. the way I need. • and when I explained that I was there because I have D.I.D. I was told "We don't do that here, and you will probably have a hard time finding someone who does because many people just don't believe in it." • One major factor is money... I don't have any, as of right now
  11. me and my two kids are barely getting by, so

    affording therapy is next to impossible, so i either have to find a therapist who takes medi-cal, or is willing to take me on for free..... • also I have no car, and no reliable means of transportation, so it would have to be local, I just couldn't manage to travel far regularly... • I never really wanted to do therapy.... I avoided the idea like the plague for as long as I can remember... but now that i'm finally willing it's all so hard. being told no one will believe me, is probably the worst part, I just wish I could find some asnswer… Annotation: http://bit.ly/1e2kl0a Photo: http://bit.ly/1eDUdra Ann Ludford Garvey My only solution to this problem is to say "branch out" I'm not sure if you qualify for state aid, but sometimes that will help, but it seems for the moment the writer is working with a bad agency. I've had about 28 years of therapy and the worst two years was when I lived in Winona, MN. I'd gone back to it (from Chicago area) to finish my BA and there were three psychiatrists in town and none of them believed in multiplicity - I had to travel to Rochester Mayo Clinic to find someone who was better informed. After we finished the degree we went back to Chicago and found someone who could accept our financing at the University of IL - Chicago. Maybe that's another help - using local hospitals to see if they have staff who could help? I've gotten extremely good care from two UIC psychiatrists for a total of 21 years. Our sympathy goes to anyone out there "dealing" with therapists who are not open to new developments in DID.
  12. 07 Littles holding specific trauma? What?? Help!? www.psychforums.com • I

    am learning more and more about my system and everyone's "job" or what trauma they endured...I recently remembered something and it freaked me out a lot. Not so much the memory, but how much "switching" occurred and knowledge of how each insider holds very specific traumas. • Can anyone help me with this?? Is this "normal" for DID??? Has anyone had this experience of being shown/told things like this?I feel so incredibly overwhelmed with this process....
  13. Annotation: http://bit.ly/1aCFNI Photo: http://nyti.ms/16doWEH Ann Ludford Garvey It seems like

    multiples in general each have their own way of describing the phenomena happening to them. It could take a lifetime to figure out all the trauma, and since it DOES take time, we'd recommend not hurrying the process - re-traumatizing oneself. If there is a trigger, then the part involved will most likely relive the circumstance in one way or another, and with good hope there is someone accompanying him/her to assist either internally or externally. If an external who could help isn't around, we'd recommend writing as much of the experience down or recording it verbally into a digital recorder to be played back later. As soon as you can spell out what just happened as to the flashback, or the process of which parts switched when, you will have a better reference point for yourself. We think switches are normal, and pretty much to be expected. Once you gain some comfort that this will be expected, you should better be able to get on with the experience processing. To catastrophize it ... not a good idea. Just another part of your normal experience. Try to breathe easy and relax. Talk to someone you trust.
  14. 08 Shallow Emotions www.psychforums.com • Whenever I'm starting to reach

    a point that I'm about to really feel the emotion, someone switches and I miss out. So it's been a really long time since I've actually felt much on my own, and tonight was really wonderful. The movie scared the $#%^ out of me, and I couldn't be happier; since the fear wasn't trauma-related, no alter took over and I could actually enjoy my heart racing and my blood pumping and jumping in my seat. I'm in a really good mood now, and I was wondering if anyone else, host or alter alike, felt this way; that their emotions were stinted because of alters taking over like this. Annotations: http://bit.ly/18pHd1B Photos: http://bit.ly/19Y7Lu8
  15. Ann Ludford Garvey This seems to make sense in a

    way I as a multiple can relate. Sometimes we also recall an event intellectually, but to feel the emotion, we have to get back to the part, which means calming ourselves down enough to experience with that part ... We have to help the part holding the experience by then going all through the details we can remember until they pick-it up and run. We seem in this way able to feel their emotion which we couldn't do just intellectually by remembering having the emotion. The happiness or whatever emotion is held outside any one given mind - into another mind. Need to open the file drawer ;) We have another effect which we've been working on, and that's when one of us as older parts might be out, but then something happens and a younger part is triggered to the forefront - with us looking, but not experiencing directly. We can see the part having problems - sometimes negative emotions, and we feel protective of the part, but can't fix it in "their time," unless our doctor is there and they are able to explain the situation to him, and then he can help ground them so they can feel a sense of our steadier composure. We feel bad that they have to go through it, but in our defense can only help them when they are ready to give up the experience to one of us - especially through Dr. Marvin.
  16. 09 What are the signs/symptoms of multi-personality disorder? What are

    the signs/symptoms of multi-personality disorder? Annotation: http://bit.ly/187iIbx Photo: http://bit.ly/14WALUM
  17. Ann Ludford Garvey There is a large collection of descriptions

    for what multiplicity is. The most widely accepted is from the DSM-V, which is new. DSM-IV was published approximately in 2000 and DSM-V was just published in May of 2013. The following is a reverence to the new description of DID: 22. DSM-V. "Dissociative identity disorder at the DSM-V". American Psychiatric Association. 2012-04-30. Retrieved 2012-05-18. The 166th APA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, May 18-22, 2013, will mark the official release of DSM-5. "Dissociative Disorders This category contains diagnoses that were listed in DSM-IV under the chapter of Dissociative Disorders. The Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Spectrum, Posttraumatic, and Dissociative Disorders Work Group has been responsible for addressing these disorders. Among the most recent revisions to these disorders include changes to the subtype for Dissociative Amnesia and changes to the specifiers in Dissociative Identity Disorder. The work group has also proposed criteria for Dissociative Disorder Not Elsewhere Classified. H 00 Depersonalization-Derealization Disorder H 01 Dissociative Amnesia H 02 Dissociative Identity Disorder H 03 Dissociative Disorder Not Elsewhere Classified H 02 Dissociative Identity Disorder 1. Disruption of identity characterized by two or more distinct personality states or an experience of possession. This involves marked discontinuity in sense of self and sense of agency, accompanied by related alterations in affect, behavior, consciousness, memory, perception, cognition, and/or sensory-motor functioning. These signs and symptoms may be observed by others or reported by the individual. 2. Recurrent gaps in the recall of everyday events, important personal information, and/or traumatic events that are inconsistent with ordinary forgetting. 3. The symptoms cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning. 4. The disturbance is not a normal part of a broadly accepted cultural or religious practice. (Note: In children, the symptoms are not attributable to imaginary playmates or other fantasy play.) 5. The symptoms are not attributable to the direct physiological effects of a substance (e.g., blackouts or chaotic behavior during Alcohol Intoxication) or another medical condition (e.g., complex partial seizures). Specify if: With prominent non-epileptic seizures and/or other sensory-motor (functional neurologic) symptoms." "Rationale for changes between the DSM IV and DSM 5 A. Clarification of language, including indicating that different states can be reported or observed, reducing use of Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. Including Trance and Possession Disorder by mentioning “experience of possession” increases global utility. B. Noting that amnesia for everyday events is a common feature. C. This criterion is included in DSM-IV Dissociative Trance Disorder. Including it may help differentiate normative cultural experiences from psychopathology. D. Addition from DSM-IV Dissociative Trance Disorder to increase cross-cultural applicability Specifier: a) A substantial proportion of patients with Dissociative Identity Disorder have conversion symptoms, which are related to their dissociative disorder and require special clinical attention and
  18. treatment. b) Some Dissociative Identity Disorder patients have dissociative variations

    in somatic symptoms that require clarification for differential medical diagnosis and treatment." Reference Spiegel et al Retrieved at 9-16-13 at: http://www.dissociative-identity-disorder.org/references/22.html
  19. 10 Can this multiple personality disorder/ Dissociative disorder get worse

    www.ask.com • Can this multiple personality disorder/ Dissociative disorder get worse? • My husband is in the army and im just concern will this get worser or would they take you out of the service having this ? I dont think my husband has told them about having this disorder i know hes talked to me about having it in high school he still does a little change from many different people one day hes caring and loving the next hes throwing stuff and gets mad over asking a question and goes off on me • idk how to help him everytime i tried he wont let me help ive cried about this im honestly scared for him is this something
  20. serious?Help plz and thank you Annotations: http://bit.ly/181xzpN Photo: http://bit.ly/15ykGTU Ann

    Ludford Garvey The simple thing to say here is that everything will remain the same, everything can get better, or everything can get worse. It does seem to help though in the better picture to deal with psychological issues creating havoc in one's life or the life of others he/she loves. It would seem that this problem could also stem from Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder (PTSD), but there is no way of knowing for sure until a professional makes that diagnosis. There are people concerned that are trying to help veterans receive the mental health support they need. Just recentlyin the news was this article ... on the army's concern over suicide: "Walker talk caps Suicide Prevention Month events" found at: http://psychcentral.com/lib/dispelling-myths-about-dissociative-identity-disorder/0009785 Herschel Walker does a lot of presentations as someone who does have Dissociative Identity Disorder to help others that could be helped with assistance of psychiatry/psychology professionals. I may suggest often, but getting in touch with the psychiatry department at local hospitals might be the best one to find if you are really looking for diagnostics and treatment.
  21. 11 Fun: You know you're DID when.. www.psychforums.com • Re:

    Fun: You know you're DID when.. • ... when you sometimes have dreams about killing people even though you're the nicest girl around (that one freaks me out!)... when your SO brings you a cup of chocolate milk and you wonder whether it's for him or for you, then later at night in bed you suddenly remember it and say, "What happened to the chocolate milk?" and he says "You drank it". WHUT? o.O
  22. Annotations: http://bit.ly/14bI8VX Photos: http://bit.ly/165upU2 Ann Ludford Garvey There are probably

    thousands of these "you know you are DID when..." I suppose if I were to add one immediately it woulds say You know you are DID when, you are getting caramel swirl ice cream for breakfast. Yup it doesn't take much digging to go deep here ;) I like the part where people are holding their sense of humor over this stuff. Cuz it's going to last a hell of a long time!
  23. 12 Ways to recover from flashbacks? when you get a

    graphic flashback, how do you recover and feel ok in the body again? Annotations: http://bit.ly/1aG7vRl Photos: http://onforb.es/1aOqyMT
  24. Ann Ludford Garvey It might be easier for us than

    most people ... most of our graphic flashbacks seem to be in a controlled environment either with my doctor or my lover of 19 years. Usually with my lover, we tend to go somewhere dark and quiet and sleep it off. He checks in to make sure we're ok, but he really doesn't understand how younger parts feel. He can see they are upset because they've flashed back, but they are looking forward to the comfort of just having quiet around them. Or, if it hasn't gone too far, they will ask him to hold them, which he does. When the flashback occurs in our doctor's office, he can usually find someone who trust him by now to tell him what they are seeing (re-living over again). His goal is to make it safe again for them, by helping them stop whatever is happening. For example if someone has found themselves in the childhood home, and they are scared because their father is lurking outside the door, our doctor has helped us put a lock on the door and then to yell at our father to go away, "BECAUSE DR. MARVIN SAYS SO!" It gives her power to be dealing. Afterward when she's feeling safe again - and usually tired, the older parts can do some discussion and then closure. Usually, this happens within a short time and we leave normally within our hour. The doctor helps us by - sublimating messages like 5 - 15 minutes left. We might still be a little shaky, but there's a sense of accomplishment too to have gotten through something hard. Usually we're pretty good in the two blocks to walk from office to car, and if we're not we'll sleep in the car until we're more steady. To get past a flashback - that's feeling good!
  25. 13 I might have DID and being pretty confused about

    it piecenpeace.blogspot.com www.psychforums.com • Hello to everyone that takes the time to read this.It's been a month since I first posted something here wondering if I might have DID and being pretty confused about it. Well, a lot has happened in this month and now I am aware of about twelve alters, so, the answer to my question seems to be yes. • Luckily, most of us are getting along quite well. We have some bigger problems with how to organisate school and such stuff. • We would like to introduce ourselves, even though most of us are not willing to tell their full names, so we just go by letters for now
  26. Annotations: http://bit.ly/19YuuGc Photos: http://bit.ly/151gacH Ann Ludford Garvey There's no doubt

    just being diagnosed as having DID is hard, but at the beginning it seems really an impossible thing to track down everything going on in your mind. It did seem like for us that the names took a couple of years, but now around 23 years later, we're still trying to figure out how each affects us. It is really secondary to a lot of other things going on like for this person the chore of getting acclimated in school. Nothing has to be forced. Easy as she goes :)
  27. 14 Dissociative Identity Disorder anyone? psychologywashs.wikispaces.com www.malesurvivor.org • Is there

    anyone else who has a dissociative identity disorder? To me it's a huge problem and I think the biggest obstacle in therapy. • I just had a co-consiousness experience realising that though I see myself as the real person and the others as alters (particularly the "normal person" who lives my "normal life" and meets people, work, makes friends and so on), this might not be the case. I just recieved a glimpse of the normal persons view in wich I am the alter and the normal person is the real person who's life I just mess up with my flashbacks and self destructiveness. • I really need to talk about this but I don't know how to do it. In therapy I just get silent and embarressed when trying to be
  28. there 'cause I know it's the normal persons domain and

    I know I'm just crazy and stupid for having this experience of beeing someone else. Annotations: http://bit.ly/18qcYHJ Photos: http://bit.ly/1djIoVB Ann Ludford Garvey There is a long row to hoe here. I think at this stage the person is just trying to figure out if he/she is a multiple, and if she is ... is this something that is crazy, and if its not crazy, what is it? It would be good to do a lot of grounding - just being in the present, especially in learning to trust the therapist. We try not to worry who is behind the separate voices or behavior, or thought, because each voice feels like they are the "I" behind everything, that they are the real "Ann." Our doctor doesn't ask for identification, but listens if someone really wants to identify self. Sometimes it is the person that was co-conscious who can identify the part that was just out. The secret to therapy is to try to keep the conversation going. So for example, we might be feeling stuck in his office, and looking at the carpet. He gives us a little space, but then might say, what are you thinking. And, then the VERY first thing, no matter how silly it sounds, is said. After the minor shock of having spoke "to the doctor" then there might be a giggle of relief or something, but the important things with all of this is to be building trust with the therapist. He or she really wants to help you, and is usually worth their weight in gold. If you are feeling shy and embarrassed use your verbal ability to communicate just that to the doctor. Keep in mind always to have the most real experience possible, meaning, talk that which comes naturally from the heart - no matter if it seems good or bad. They are paid not to judge.
  29. 15 Does Yahweh have multiple personality disorder? • Is that

    why Trinitarian Christians always say he's three people in one? Only 3 personalities? Below are some of his names: El (One of the oldest name s of a monotheistic God, dating at least as early as tablets found in Syria 2300 BC) Elohim ("Strong One" or "Lord Almighty") Adonai ("My Lord" and origin of the Greek name Adonis) Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh ("I am that I am") YHWH Shaddai ("Almighty" According to Exodus 6:2, 3, Shaddai was the name by which God was known to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.) Zebaot ("Heavenly Host") A VERY GOOD BOOK WORTH THE READ. Jehovah unmasked http://www.mediafire.com/download/dq2627… Annotations: http://bit.ly/181Pv3y Photos: http://bit.ly/196LHv0 Ann Ludford Garvey I like this post ... though again we see that Multiple Personality is sounding to someone who has more than one of some. Hopefully, it was stated with an all knowing smile. The answer seems appropriate ... basically, if Yahweh is multiple in "some kind of relation" than he does appear to have more than three parts. I would choose to think Yahweh is fully enhanced :)
  30. 16 Famous cases and treatment of ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’ www.humanillnesses.com

    www.pinkjooz.com • There is a general lack of consensus in the diagnosis and treatment of DID and research on treatment effectiveness focuses mainly on clinical approaches described in case studies. General treatment guidelines exist that suggest a phased, eclectic approach with more concrete guidance and agreement on early stages but no systematic, empirically-supported approach exists and later stages of treatment are not well described and have no consensus. Even
  31. highly experienced therapists have few patients that achieve a unified

    identity. • Common treatment methods include an eclectic mix of psychotherapy techniques, including cognitive behavioral (CBT), insight-oriented therapies, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), hypnotherapy and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). • Medications can be used for co-morbid disorders and/or targeted symptom relief. Some behavior therapists initially use behavioral treatments such as only responding to a single identity, and then use more traditional therapy once a consistent response is established. • Brief treatment due to managed care may be difficult, as individuals diagnosed with DID may have unusual difficulties in trusting a therapist and take a prolonged period to form a comfortable therapeutic alliance. Regular contact (weekly or biweekly) is more common, and treatment generally lasts years — not weeks or months. Annotations: http://bit.ly/1aOvVvt Photos: http://bit.ly/1gqEOss Ann Ludford Garvey I can attest to the point of therapy lasting a long time. It seems in our case that it might have been different if we set our sites lower. The first twelve years had a lot of work to be doing in trying to withstand and maintain a job in the workforce. The situation had it's perks, but the relationship with the administrator, an old Catholic Nun, deteriorated until the situation was crazy to be in. Before we officially had to be discharged to disability, the 84 year old nun was retired, but another nun similar and in some cases worse was taking over. The worst problem was that these seemed to be angry women and it was disrespectful to speak back to them, but they were nothing like charitable. The week after I left on medical leave, because we were by then suicidal, I was mailed a note stating that I had been formally written-up because my work wasn't completed in a timely manner (speaking of paperwork due on a Monday). I had been aware of the situation and so mailed to them my meeting notes (the Sunday before) even though we were home and very sick. It was then very surprising to get the note saying that we weren't fulfilling our duties. Ok, this could go on and is bringing the anxiety back. The point being that there was a lot of time spent in therapy trying to cope with the work situation, even if it wasn't healthy. We kept trying to turn the other cheek. Several times our psychiatrist recommended quitting, but I was stuck in a track between having eccentricities due the disability (I'd been diagnosed as a multiple nine years earlier) and between having money to afford my living
  32. situation. The last two years without the stress of trying

    to make it in a public world have been very gratifying though with plenty of challenge. I'm treated with psychoanalysis and medication for other symptoms like anxiety and depression. I sometimes wonder why I still have therapy ... but, I believe mostly because I want it, I have always worked hard with it, and we've very often set the bar very high for who we are personally and professionally. I am terrified with the thought of working for with those kinds of authority, responsibilities, emotions, and deadlines. I know that part is too stressful for me, but I've found ways to challenge our minds in producing our own educational platform online. We are still in therapy close to 30 years later, but I think from where we started to now and where we might yet go ... Please don't make it ever stop. We're still advancing psychologically and feel with our experience with therapy we have something of our own worth to share.
  33. 17 Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) - Myths #1 Dissociative Identity

    Disorder (DID) - Myths #1 by Ann Published September 8, 2013 This presentation is curated from the Internet fall of 2012 as to how people have used the term DID or Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). There are questions as to "multiplicity being true or false in a good part, because of the often silly and ill-informed manner in which it is presented, which begs to speak stereotypical. My name is Ann Garvey and I AM a multiple and wish to present a different view. I believe it to be more truthful. If there are any questions please contact me at [email protected] Thanks for viewing
  34. Annotations: http://bit.ly/1ejvQAD Photos: http://bit.ly/1djLN6O Ann Ludford Garvey We gather these

    annotations from our Google search on Dissociative Identity Disorder and Multiple Personality Disorder. Every once in awhile, you get a nice surprise. This one was that one of our "creations" came up - This particular one is our first slide show on DID Myths. Cool cool. As to our general purpose, we really would like to contribute some thoughts that may show to be valuable to some one probably much further down the line. While I am doing this - curation if you will, I am feeling more alive than can be expressed as happy. I like that not only am I collecting really valid stuff out there as today's NEWS on multiplicity, but also that we can express our thought, feelings and ideas toward multiplicity. The one part allows us to analyze in words AND pictures the material out there, but on the other part, it allows us the synthesis part we've been craving as to putting new thoughts forward like a rising Phoenix. :) Ok, we're not the most modest hehehe.
  35. 18 parts holding specific skills www.psychforums.com • i am a

    writer and artist however i can only do so when in specific mind states, particularly art. i struggle to draw well and then i will go into a trance state and create very advanced paintings; these states last for days and i cannot sleep or think of anything until the pieces are finished. when i attempt to work on something without this state i can't produce art at that level and they remain sketchy unfinished things. i did think for a while that i was channelling some spiritual force or entity but i am wondering if it is an alter? does anyone have similar experiences? Annotations: http://bit.ly/1aFV1sZ
  36. Photos: http://bit.ly/14cA5bf Ann Ludford Garvey I don't have any drawing

    skills, but I know that I get like that as to having a specific mind set as to being able to focus, concentrate, and produce on a high quality level - especially with my writing and even some of the productivity work we do. In our system, the part that holds that "space" the best is our Kelsie. We consider her more of the "gifted" one of us. She is also the one we consider bi-polar and obsessive. We love it when she's out, but it seems that she needs to get past our distractions - so it might take half to 3/4 of a day to funnel down to where she can pick things up. We're trying to make it so there's not so much "floating" time in the morning, but it seems that other parts need time out too - and they do perform, especially social media tasks first thing in the morning. We're working hard to give each a shot of being out, which means that it's about 10 pm now so even Kelsie and us need to go to bed to appease the morning people ;) Tomorrow's a Dr. Marvin day which means a 120 mile round trip into the city (Chicago) ... Those days are certainly different from one like today where we just focus on getting some of the Google Alert News out
  37. 19 pregnancy inside *possible trigger warning* www.psychforums.com • I don't

    even know how to start this thread, or what to say. I feel so scared, because it's happening again. 3 years ago when i was new to the body I was pregnant inside for 3 months (that I knew about anyhow, was probably closer to 4 or so since 'symptoms' started to when I started getting suspicious) and it seemed like i was outside too. i still don't know if i was or if it was a delusion. That was when really bad flashbacks started happening. Now it's happening again. I don't know why this is happening. I didn't think it was really possible unless if you wanted it to happen. At least this time I know the body's not pregnant too, but inside its not going away. I don't know what this means and why this is happening again to me.I'm scared
  38. to bring it up in therapy because I don't know

    if anyone will believe me. • If anyone has been through this what happened? Did you carry it or was it some sort of weird metaphorical thing, and would the baby be a new alter or two merged parts of whoever made it. • Sorry for the sort-of ramble. I feel so lost right now Annotations: http://bit.ly/16OfkDX Photo: http://bit.ly/18htSwh Ann Ludford Garvey It's hard to know what the "baby inside" is all about. It might be like dreams where they are unique to each person. I know that for a while we would be like laying down and we felt that we were seeing things from inside the uterus. It was at a time we were in and out of the hospital for our mental problems, especially depression. It's been now ten years since being in, but at that time - over twenty years ago you went in and might stay for a couple of months. From that set of experiences - we deduced that there was something going on as an infant inside us and in the end we decided there must have been a baby that died as well as one that was born on our birthday. Obviously, there no way of knowing that kind of thing - and we're not sure why those thoughts were coming to us, but we did name a part "Embry," and for us she'd already died within days of being born. Several years later we were still having hard thoughts with her having died inside us and it was suggested that we might let her go, so we had received a little clay statue of an infant ... it might seem odd, but we took her to a favorite place and buried her (through the symbol of the statue). We've felt at peace since that time - no more thoughts of an infant inside, AND she's the only one of us whose "died," but very much a part of our story. I'm not sure if this is like the experience the reader is having, but if we were to venture a guess, the baby does represent something important to her life. I would, however, not be scared to bring anything up in therapy that my/our minds were going through. That has to be a safe place, or at least a place, the writer is working on toward being safe.
  39. 20 "Multiple Personality Disorder is the holy grail of Psychiatry"

    means what? • "Multiple Personality Disorder is the holy grail of Psychiatry" means what ? • I think that means it's controversial, like the holy grail not everybody is convinced it's real. Annotations: http://yhoo.it/18ql6YO Photo: http://bit.ly/1djOgOH Ann Ludford Garvey We found quite a few meanings of what Holy Grail means. This is one of them: "A distant, all-but-unobtainable ultimate goal of a person or organization; A difficult or near-impossible goal that would prove to be a major benefit (example: "nanotechnology is the holy grail of medicine") http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/holy_grail?useFormat=mobile" There were a few other that talked about the Holy Grail were things from Christ' Last Supper - like the dishes or challis. My guess in psychology it would mean sort of like an impossible end goal as if a unicorn - with multiplicity being the corresponding argument for the mythological beast (in a nice way ;). I think I would also relate it to DSM-V which is now out. It
  40. maintained the inclusion of dissociative identity disorder, but there are

    some psychiatrist that talk about disregarding that portion as if the editors had been badly apprised. Our thoughts on this is that multiplicity is real, of course, because we believe our multiplicity is real. Through effort we're going to work to understand the others' disbelief.
  41. 21 Diagnosis of mental disorders - DID, Dissociation and Trauma

    www.dissociative-identity-disorder.net • Diagnosis of mental health problems should only be made by a qualified person, typically psychiatrists although some psychotherapists such as clinical psychotherapists may be qualified to diagnose as well. • The dissociative experiences scale is a self-report questionnaire, and a useful screening tool but not a diagnostic test. It also includes a subset of items which can be used to assess depersonalization and derealization (Kennedy, 2013). • The MID is a self-administered diagnostic instrument which was designed to diagnose all dissociative disorders by comprehensively assessing the entire domain of dissociative phenomena, including PTSD, severe borderline personality disorder and all dissociative disorders (Chu, 2011).
  42. • The SCID-D is a freestanding protocol for dissociative disorders

    that takes about 30 to 90 minutes depending on the subjects experiences(Steinberg, 1993). An alternative diagnostic instrument, the Dissociative Disorders Interview Schedule (DDIS) also exists but the SCID-D is generally considered superior (Steinberg, 1993). It is a highly structured interview that discriminates among various DSM diagnoses. The DDIS can usually be administered in 30–45 minutes. It must be professionally administered, and includes judgement from a trained clinician in the scoring (Steinberg, 1993). Annotations: http://bit.ly/151lJI5 Photo: http://slate.me/187y93s Ann Ludford Garvey From my specific background of having been through the medical model of DID, I would recommend that people would be diagnosed as suggested above by a professional, particularly a psychiatrist. There are others who are respected in our field (non-medical) who would say that it is a non-essential step, and that if you are a multiple, you don't need an outsider to your system, to tell you that you are a multiple. Speaking for my own experience, we didn't realize that is what the problem is though we'd had a psychologist (Dr.) who had been telling us that we had regressions that seemed like odd behavior. We were hospitalized four times under crises before our first "favorite doctor" who was the head of psychiatry at University of IL - Chicago diagnosed us in front of a group of 30 or so staff. We didn't understood what happened until a favorite nurse told us what everything meant. So, in our circumstance - back in the 90's, we wouldn't have understood our diagnosis unless it happened similar to how it did happen. I think now days - twenty some years down the pike there is a lot more information in print and online about multiplicity and I believe it would be easier to research with or without a doctor. At that time we didn't comprehend the things we were missing in our memory. I'm in retrospect grateful for the medical model, because it has worked for me/us. The bad part would be if one was stuck with the "disordered" part as to finding meaning in one's life. There is a lot of "order" to being a multiple who believes in self and selves preservation. I also don't hold a lot of weight in the testing ... I think you and yours need to talk with the doctor doing the diagnosis.
  43. 22 Isolation...Doh! Man, do u guys ever feel soooooooo ridiculously

    different. Do u ever think the entire world is there just to trap u n slowly kill u with subliminal stuff cos u can save the universe and thats all they have done since your birth?! I know right?! Crazy huh? Annotations: http://bit.ly/187zt6d Photo: http://bit.ly/1ejBpyL Ann Ludford Garvey Hehe - Ok, you gotta think of Homer if your thinking "Doh!" But, as to the statements being made here. Sometimes we feel ridiculously different too. I'm happy that knowing there IS a lot of subliminal messaging out there that I don't feel any longer that someone is trying to kill me. But, we hold quite a few residual messages that my mother thinks were still in her control and that's after sometimes spending years without talking to her, because she can make a "muck" of some of our minds. My doctor states, she is narcissistic though he can't make that official diagnosis without seeing her which he never will. I still hold that idea though as a reliable explanation as to her thinking processes particularly as they involve my life
  44. now and life when we were growing up. There was

    a lot of control over the years prior and all we can do now in the present is be conscious of ourselves and our own power in this world. The writer comments on saving the universe. I would suggest that as a child we were the universe we were trying to save. And, that that concept strengthened as we felt other parts of the universe as the underdog. So, I don't think that is crazy at all. I think we all have roles to play and that now we realize that we can't save the world alone, but we can stake out a position and work from that positively to assist growth of people that we might care about. Hopefully, that will always extend both inward and outward.
  45. 23 Still hanging in there.. • Hi everybody...I am the

    support person of a man with DID. At the beginning of the summer, he had a major switch and left me. We had been together several years and had a very good, respectful relationship. I was what he referred to as his "rock" and "stability." Unfortunately he is not in therapy, is not interested, I've never forced the issue but always supported it. Summertime is always a big trigger time for him
  46. • I am trying to come to grips with the

    situation and give him the space he needs and hope he will come back on his own. • At this point now he says he is lost and confused. • Can anyone shed any light on what could be going on with his system? Is this typical of teens, protectors or persecutors? Or a sexual alter? I know everyone's system is different, but any support would be helpful, as I'm in a lot of pain. Thank you-- Annotations: http://bit.ly/165FO6k Photo: http://bit.ly/1djQMEo Ann Ludford Garvey We are sorry that the reader is in a lot of pain. We'll always stick with the concept that relationships are 50-50, so although we naturally worry also about how the multiple is doing, we worry about the writer too. It's hard to tell what is happening with another person including another multiple. The only thing that can really be said for sure is that he is going through changes and he's trying to adapt to the things going on in his life that are working. This isn't to say yes or no, he will or will not come back into the readers life. My suggestion would be, if asked, to do as the butterfly - let him go, and if he doesn't return, then he was never yours to keep. I might not be quoting that exactly right, but it's the general drift. We also believe that you can't control others - though some try, you can only control yourself. This means being conscious and present in the present - because the present is the only place that you can make positive changes in our lives. I know there is a period after a loss of grief and that according to Kubler Ross it comes in stages. Maybe it is best to work through grief stages, and then allow life back in and not reminisce too much in the past. Even though the writer might have had a solid/rock role in this other multiples life, he has to learn all that from within his own system. He needs time to figure out his own life. So does the reader. I applaud the effort in trying to come to grips with change ...
  47. 24 The Mirror www.experienceproject.com • Today is one of those

    days that, when I look in the mirror, I don't see me. I feel like I am in the passenger seat of a car. Who is driving today? What even triggered me? • The likely trigger is the phone call I received from Ann, my therapist. She has a medical appointment that she felt was pressing. She rescheduled for just one hour later, but told me that she would call me if she had to cancel. It has been eating at me about whether or not I will be able to see her. • The dissociation has been really getting to me. • I hope she doesn't cancel. I really need to start working this out. Annotations: http://bit.ly/1gqeTkp
  48. Photos: http://bit.ly/151rIgd Ann Ludford Garvey Wow! That doesn't really seem

    fair to be left out in the rain on that call. If the therapist doesn't think she might make it, she should have rescheduled to a time she could be more sure. I know the reader certainly didn't want to miss time with her T, but the "not knowing" part would drive me bonkers. Time is a funny enough thing with T's with all kinds of sharp rises and declines. We have a routine built in with our Doctor. He comes and gets me at exactly the right time, and then I appreciate him on the other end and try to leave exactly at the right time. There is a clock over my head for him to see and a clock on a ledge in front of me that I can see. If we're having regressions he might remind me/us we have only five to ten minutes left. We ALL know what that means. If he does something like come in five minutes late (another meeting), we get five minutes at the end of our meeting. It's funny ... almost the first thing each session ... we say something like - "I see about 3 1/2 minutes." This means this is what I see - are we in agreement. Most often both are pretty honest about the clock. I've never been put in a situation where I don't know in advance if we should or shouldn't go in. Since our doctor's office is 60 miles away (one way), I'd be pretty pissed if she/he decided to cancel last moment. You can see how close we watch the valuable minutes/seconds ... to miss a whole hour? Wouldn't be respectful. Might as well schedule for 4-5 EXTRA to work it out! Definitely this writer needs to iron things out so that SHE can trust the time given specially to her too.
  49. 25 The Tomato Garden www.experienceproject.com • My partner and I

    are concerned with what foods we consume, sure there are the fast food night when we are all too exhausted to cook, but most of the time we eat fresh veggies and try to buy them organic. • I remembered that my Grandfather (one of the perpetrators in my life) tried and tried to grow a garden. He didn't get much produce. The gardening brings back some memories. I kept flashing back as I broke the soil. • Anyway, last year we planted a garden. It was my first garden of my own. • I tended that garden with love for my family and myself and it flourished. He was a lousy bastard and his did not do well.
  50. • I call it my Universe garden. It grew because

    the universe wanted it. What a difference love and nurturing make. Annotations: http://bit.ly/17EKFbJ Photo: http://bit.ly/1aTGx8Y Ann Ludford Garvey It is a shame ... things that make us strong and sane, can also remind us of times that weren't good. Lots of room for triggers out there. I really like that this writer could start with gardening as something she could and wanted to do, then she went ahead and did it. The memories were probably inevitable, but she didn't let that keep her from doing something that was very sane for her and her partner. I think that must be the bases of how we grow human beings - experience, reflection, and then growth! Way to let the sun, AND universe shine in!