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Product Demo: Global Marketing and Localization

Product Demo: Global Marketing and Localization


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May 27, 2021

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  1. Global marketing and localization PRODUCT DEMO

  2. 2 Housekeeping Before we dive in.... • Check out the

    QR codes and embedded links throughout the session. • Use the table of contents on the bottom right to navigate to different sections of the video. • Keep an eye on your inbox — we will follow up with the content model for download and other helpful resources. • Get in touch via the contact form at the end of the video. You can also reach out via Twitter @contentful or write to us at team@contentfulmail.com
  3. 3 You’ll learn how to: 1. Create compelling landing pages

    using structured content and composable page architecture — without developer resources. 2. Run seamless marketing launches by effectively organizing, previewing and scheduling your content. 3. Localize your content by combining native features, implementation strategies and translation integrations. 4. Implement scalable personalization campaigns with out-of-the-box apps (feat. Ninetailed and Google Analytics). 5. Plus: Learn to automate daily tasks and workflows.
  4. 4 Introductions Artas Bartas Sr. Product Marketing Manager Andrew Kumar

    Director of Platform Strategy
  5. Content Platform 5 Contentful

  6. 6 Other CMSs Translations Cloud Storage Product Catalog Contentful editor

    apps Build & federate content Deliver anywhere Mobile app Digital signage Website In-store experience Content architecture Cloud native Global CDNs Secure & scale your digital footprint App Framework Design system Custom UIs & workflows Customize & automate content ops Content platform Integrate with cloud services
  7. Cloud infrastructure Content spaces APIs App Framework Apps 7 Other

    CMSs Translations Cloud Storage Product Catalog Contentful editor apps Build & federate content Deliver anywhere Mobile app Digital signage Website In-store experience At the core: content platform components
  8. 8 31% of the Fortune 500 have battle-tested Contentful 300+

    partners 2x bigger ecosystem vs. other pure-play vendors $158M Total funding with latest round ($80m) in 2020 20+ Billion API calls per month 600k+ Active Contentful users worldwide 22.8k Live sites and in the Top 10k global websites Platform highlights
  9. Problem & Opportunity 9 Customer Experiences

  10. of large organizations will have failed to unify engagement channels,

    resulting in a disjointed and siloed customer experience that lacks context. Gartner, August 2020 Problem & Opportunity
  11. 11 Buy Evangelize Use Explore Discover Customer lifecycle Common customer

    experiences: fractured Knowledge base Loyalty program Global corporate website Landing pages Commerce Product pages
  12. 12 Common customer experiences: connected with Contentful Knowledge base Buy

    Evangelize Use Explore Discover Customer lifecycle Loyalty program Global corporate website A content platform unifies content across an entire digital footprint Landing pages Commerce Product pages
  13. Purchase Mobile apps Agile ecommerce Evaluation Blogs Email campaigns Product

    pages 13 Global marketing & localization Retention In product Community portal Knowledge base Specific opportunities in the customer journey Build engaging experience at every step of the customer journey
  14. Today’s Focus 14 Global Marketing & Localization

  15. 15 Scaling global content operations is complex and can make

    or break a business. Speed and scalability will be crucial to localizing content successfully. 75% of consumers prefer to buy products in their native language The time to localize is now Customers need consistent and localized content, wherever they are in the world
  16. Case Studies 16 Customer Success

  17. • Created localized, cohesive customer experiences for their users (e.g.,

    IKEA’s Inspiration feed) • Increased productivity by reusing 80% of all content. • Created a flexible, scalable design, with a better overall work environment for marketing teams. Results IKEA needed to reach multi-language markets quickly and effectively Challenge CONTENTFUL CASE STUDY SHOWCASE
  18. “Collaboration is key to innovation. Aligning our digital teams across

    geographies and product categories on a unified content platform was the essential collaboration needed to reimagine our catalog for a valuable, cohesive customer journey.” —Jonatan Söderlind Product Owner, IKEA CONTENTFUL CASE STUDY SHOWCASE
  19. Inspiration feed

  20. Contentful web app customized with the App Framework

  21. Challenge • Decreased deployment time by 98% from two weeks

    to 30 minutes • 30+ team members onboarded in six months • Supported 87+ locales with robust fallback configurations Results Replace a home-grown CMS post-acquisition that could be maintained within the expanded team with new hires Scan the QR code to read the full customer story
  22. 22 Content delivery to every region

  23. • Launched both products at least six months ahead of

    the original marketing plan • Content team doesn’t need engineering to support content creation or publication • Engineering team can concentrate on new features instead of building workarounds Results Pivot to an online-only marketing strategy for the launch of two new fitness products at the start of the pandemic Challenge Scan the QR code to read the full customer story
  24. 24 Customer stories

  25. Global Marketing & Localization Demo 25 How Builders Collaborate

  26. Customer experience Technical side Marketing side Developers and platform owners

    are able to work in parallel work streams to marketing Editors are able to update web and app elements without developer resources 26
  27. A new way of working Connected to, and learning from

    the customer experience Adapt to new trends and behaviors Reuse content globally and locally Dev teams can innovate and deploy faster 27 More agile business operations Marketers can react instantly to app insights Global marketing & localization Agile ecommerce Knowledge base
  28. Global Marketing & Localization Demo 28 Conclusion

  29. 29 SPEED Rapidly enter new markets, growing and diversifying revenue

    streams by addressing new segments and channels. SCALABILITY Unify, then scale content across regions and channels, with reusable content and repeatable content model, design system and reference architectures. RELIABILITY Count on enterprise-grade infrastructure and resilience to mitigate security threats across a multi-brand, global experience. Key takeaways
  30. 30 Customer stories