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Employee Onboarding Made Easy

Employee Onboarding Made Easy

This speaker deck will teach you about employee onboarding once a new team member is hired. David Jenyns will walk you through the different onboarding processes his new hires undergo.

This presentation is taken from the Outsourcing Profit Machine Workshop. To learn more and view other presentations, visit http://www.melbourneseoservices.com/seo-products/outsourcing-training-dvds/

David Jenyns

June 17, 2014

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  1. THE DOCUMENTATION • Expectations • Confidentiality • Contracts • Contact

    details ! ! • Job description • Pay what's fair • Taking breaks • 3 month probation
  2. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY • Induction call • Review documentation

    together • Explain the basics of the day (EOD, SOD) • Introduce their supervisor • Add them to the website
  3. HOW TO TEACH • Always start small and they won't

    do it as good as you at first • 1. Show them • 2. Do it with you • 3. Do it on their own (flawlessly) • 4. Teach someone else
  4. GOOGLE DOCS • Setup their own google apps (email/docs) •

    @melbourneSEOservices.com • Timesheets • Worksheet • SEOworksheet
  5. WEEK ONE • Understand the business/culture • Underarm throws and

    watching • All about training
 edit.me or challenge.co
 starts with SEO & customer support • Work wiki • guest.forumhub.net
  6. END OF DAYS (EODS) • What to ask for •

    What was done? (inc. times) • Issues encountered? • What do you need? • At the end of shift, not longer than 5-10 mins • If you can't do an EOD...
  7. EODS - PART 2 • I don't screenshot their computer

    • Give the benefit of the doubt • Keep avg. time logs of each task • What to say if tasks take too long • Pete's blog post
  8. START OF DAY (SODS) • Everyday 30 minute Skype /

    Gtalk • Feeling connect as a VA • Review EOD, quality control, daily plan
  9. RECAP TYPES OF LOGGING • EOD (for supervisor and me)

    • Worksheet (detailed log, quality control) • Timesheet (for me) • Promo sheets (for other assistants)