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Consortium Workshop 19.5.2014 - EduCloud consortium basic material - extended introduction & food for thought

Consortium Workshop 19.5.2014 - EduCloud consortium basic material - extended introduction & food for thought

Presented by Jarkko Moilanen, Ministry of Education and Culture.

EduCloud Alliance

May 19, 2014

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  1. Consortium purpose - generic • Responsible for the maintenance, administration

    and developmental coordination of the EduCloud in parallel with X-Road development • Steering the open source community in which the development of the EduCloud is done • Acting as a cooperation body unifying the disconnected Educational ICT field in Finland • Acting as an export promoter as a part of national export functions, such as Team Finland, offering Finnish providers of educational services a uniform concept to advance their export CONTAINS DRAFT IDEAS ONLY
  2. Consortium purpose - concrete 1. Open Learning Cloud standard –

    COSS manages documentation and model, acts as operational body – Consortium manages and develops – Most important sections: APIs and Meta models 2. Development of reference platform as MVP 3. Development and product management 4. Export efforts jointly with other parties CONTAINS DRAFT IDEAS ONLY
  3. Open Learning Cloud standard • APIs – API management model

    and practices – Technical requirements for Basaar API, Ask API (Kysy service), Portal API • Information Meta Models – Objects in Basaar, Portal and Ask • Authentication and Identity management CONTAINS DRAFT IDEAS ONLY
  4. MVP – Minimum Viable Product • Validates Open Learning Cloud

    standard • MVP is Reference platform – Open source – value layers added by companies – extension with modules (connected with APIs) • Functions as a base for standard testing • Base for joint development (APIs, meta models and feature modules)
  5. Product* Responsibility Roadmap Ministry of Education and Culture & COSS

    & VTT & JulkICT Lab *Product is Pilviväylä as OLC standard and reference platform EduCloud Consortium & COSS 12/2014 • Manages road to pilot • Manages Pilot 9-11/2014 • Manages standardization • Manages development • Manages export TEKES & procurement in municipalities Ministry of Education and Culture • Link to X-Road development • Legal considerations CONTAINS DRAFT IDEAS ONLY
  6. Developer Community IMPLEMENTATION Development Steering Group OPERATIONAL DECISIONMAKING Consortium STRATEGIC

    PLANNING IN BIANNUAL MEETINGS Volunteer Developers EduCloud Development Team Internal Development Team management level co-operation guidance Product Manager Community Manager Quality Assurance Chief Architect Development management selects annually reports feedback management Consortium representatives 1-3 Kysy service (part of Pilviväylä) Github Prosumers (teachers, students, parents, researchers…) requirements CONTAINS DRAFT IDEAS ONLY
  7. Basaar Portal Qa - kysy … API management MVP (open

    source) EduCloud team (Tampere) COSS manages Added value development Open Learning Cloud standard consortium manages with COSS as operational body Product x Company x Product y Company y Product z Company z added value (closed source) Company teams (Demola / own facilities) Is product(s) CONTAINS DRAFT IDEAS ONLY