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Open Source and EduCloud Community Development

Open Source and EduCloud Community Development

Timo Väliharju, COSS

EduCloud Alliance

May 09, 2014

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  1. Open Source • Open source softwares source code is available

    for modification or enhancement by anyone. • Open means not free of charge but free to use • No discrimination in a way that some group would be excluded to participate in developing the project. • Advantages – No vendor lock-in – Secure & Reliable (tested by millions users) – Fast deployment – Utilization of Community know-how
  2. Open Source & Open Community • Basis of the development

    is open source, utilization of finished components, integration and community development. • GOAL to generate EduCloud community and manage development and community > global aspects • Currently there is no global ducational technology OS project that is originated from Finland – EduCloud the one? – Unique community combining companies and educational institutions (mainly companies) – Huge possibility but not easy to do