Improving Website's Performance at WordCamp Miami 2016

Improving Website's Performance at WordCamp Miami 2016

Slides from presentation at WordCamp Miami 2016

Nobody likes waiting for a slow site. You have less than 5 seconds to engage your customer before they leave. With users increasingly on the go and having mobile connections of varying speeds, page-delivery performance has become more critical.

In this presentation we’ll go over tips and techniques that can dramatically increase your site performance. We’ll also go over some examples of before and after site optimization.

In detail we’ll cover:

Why speed matters – why should you care about website performance
How you can measure it – a variety of online tools to measure your page load time, page size, and any bottlenecks.
Ways to improve it – expect to learn best practices for optimizing and loading images, using gzip, caching, reducing requests and more.
We’ll also discuss new HTTP/2 protocol and how it can benefit your business.


Irina Blumenfeld

February 17, 2016