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Scaling Support by Educating Customers

March 10, 2016

Scaling Support by Educating Customers

Delivered on Mar 10, 2016 @ ScaleConf, Cape Town

Growing a business does not just imply selling more products and getting more customers; one of the biggest challenges is supporting that growing customer-base in handling their acquired products. With growth comes an increase in potential errors, bugs, and struggles. So how does a growing tech company scale support?

At WooCommerce we get about 10,000 ticket submissions per month, which stands in big contrast with the 500,000 visitors of our public support resources. This talk will focus on finding a good balance between providing a stable public or proactive resource and answering urgent ticket requests, and the mistakes and wins we've encountered along the way.

I start with identifying the customer's prior knowledge, to then go to the importance to educate customers in order to not make them dependent on your support. This can be done through improving the software, introducing onboarding, and providing training in support. It's important to consider the diversification, the zone of proximal development, and the ROI in doing this.


March 10, 2016

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