Continuing Education at Work (RubyConf)

40be222374e709cae7543dee233fe2e1?s=47 Katherine Wu
November 10, 2016

Continuing Education at Work (RubyConf)

The list of things we want to learn is infinite. How many of us have marked talks to watch, or books to read, yet have never gone back to them (until our browser crashes and we lose everything that was in an open tab)? Left to my own devices, I often only learn what I directly need in my work, despite the best of intentions. It wasn’t until I started running a couple lightweight continuing education programs at work that I followed through on my goals around continuing to expand my technical knowledge base. This talk will discuss setting up programs to finally get yourself reading those technical books and watching technical talks. We’ll discuss strategies for making these programs low maintenance and long-lived, as well as flexible enough to help both more and less experienced folks. If you’ve been looking for a more structured approach to self-education, this talk is for you!

This talk was presented at RubyConf 2016 in Cincinnati, ~43 minutes:
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Katherine Wu

November 10, 2016