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Roboconf: Django on Conference Holding

Roboconf: Django on Conference Holding

2014/05/18 Talk @ PyCON APAC 2014, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan.

Poren Chiang

May 18, 2014

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  1. Roboconf Django on Conference Holding RSChiang @ PyCON APAC 2014

  2. RSChiang ๏Freshman at NTU College of Law ๏SITCON ’13, ’14

    Lead Administrator ๏Open source developer & advocate ๏You can reach me at poren.tw *except legal inquiries
  3. Outline ๏ The origins of Roboconf ๏ How does it

    work ๏ Workarounds & Challenges ๏ Future aspects
  4. What’s Roboconf?

  5. Students’ Information Technology Conference

  6. Diverse Staff = Difficult to Track *As an admin

  7. Mailing flood 15 mails, 1.57 issues avg. each day

  8. ACL Hell 200+ folders to lock & archive

  9. Jun 11, 2013 soon after 1st year’s SITCON

  10. None
  11. Roboconf a.k.a. ⥏⡨ॲ

  12. SITCON SITCON Internal Tracking & Conf. Op. Net.

  13. …each staff would be found with their work done too.

    (evil smirk) “Each reddish finds its own pit.” ƪʫϪ⢗➰ʫϪࢻơƫ
  14. Features ๏ Issue tracking (with serious notification) ๏ Personnel administration

    ๏ Centralized document control ๏ Collaborative agenda
  15. Architecture “Core” templates, settings, shared code Notification 
 queue Phased

    ACL Revision-based document model HTML frontend Ajax API
  16. Phased ACL Effective 
 Previlege “Deny” declaration 
 restricts permission

    gain “Allow” declaration 
 assigns permission Permission won’t be assigned 
 unless explicitly granted
  17. Document model File Revision Text blob Tracks file system attributes

    (name, stars, permissions…) Records commit data & locality (enables remote linking) Typed content storage
 (not necessary in DB)
  18. Notifications

  19. — Administrators with joy “Staff never ignore mails again. ‘cause

    they just can’t get rid of it.”
  20. Results & Applications

  21. Issue tracker

  22. Document control

  23. Staff information

  24. me.SITCON Side project of Creative & Web Team (Angular.js x

  25. Challenges ๏ Narrow gap between development & production • Admin

    team is constantly on-call to fix bugs • Daily new features with 726 commits over 10 months ๏ Diverse languages choices in staff members • Need to work with Angular.js etc. -> Set forth API
  26. Future aspects ๏ Theming & template generalization ๏ Fluid, ajax-based

    rewritten frontend ๏ Clear & easy installation instructions ๏ Integrated client push notification app
  27. Repository github.com/sitcon-tw/staff.sitcon.org

  28. Repository github.com/sitcon-tw/staff.sitcon.org We’ll rename it soon 
 after generalization!

  29. Thanks! RSChiang @ PyCON APAC 2014