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OK Computer [London Web Standards]

Peter Gasston
November 16, 2015

OK Computer [London Web Standards]

Peter Gasston

November 16, 2015

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  1. Is your job at risk? Abstractions People Pictures Words Numbers

    Routine Variety You’re alright Get nervous Bye Bye
  2. @stopsatgreen –Travis Gertz The work we produce is repeatable and

    predictable. It panders to a common denominator. We build buckets and templates to hold every kind of content, then move on to the next component of the system. Digital design is a human assembly line.
  3. Is your job at risk? Abstractions People Pictures Words Numbers

    Routine Variety You’re alright Get nervous Bye Bye
  4. @stopsatgreen – Wired [muScalpel] successfully transplanted a video coding format

    from one media player to another.
 It took the automated system 26 hours to complete the transplant, while VLC's manual addition of the code happened over a period of 20 days.
  5. @stopsatgreen – MIT news Helium is a system that revamps

    and fine- tunes code without ever needing the original source, in a matter of hours or even minutes.
  6. @stopsatgreen – Travis Gertz While we’ve been streamlining our processes

    and perfecting our machine-like assembly techniques, others have been watching closely and assembling their own machines. We’ve designed ourselves right into an environment ripe for automation.
  7. @stopsatgreen – Andrew Ng We need to enable a lot

    of people to do non-routine, non-repetitive tasks.
 Teaching innovation and creativity could be one way to get there.
  8. @stopsatgreen AI is a tool we can use to provide

    better services to
 our customers.
  9. @stopsatgreen – Cennydd Bowles A.I. is becoming a cornerstone of

    user experience. This is going to be interesting (read: difficult) for designers.
  10. @stopsatgreen Artificial Intelligence is becoming very good, very quickly. Artificial

    Intelligence is becoming very available, very quickly.
  11. @stopsatgreen –Kyle Dent A conversation is a sequence of turns

    where each utterance follows from what’s already been said and is relevant to the overall interaction. Dialog systems must maintain a context over several turns.
  12. @stopsatgreen Machine: hi, this is <name> from helpdesk connect, what

    can i help you with today? Human: hi, i forgot my password. can you tell me how i can recover it? Machine: i’ll need to verify who it is at that machine. can we do a hangout? Human: yes Machine: <a hangout ensues> Human: cool, i am good now
  13. @stopsatgreen Show me hotels in san francisco for tomorrow that

    are less than $300 but not less than $200, are pet friendly, have a gym and a pool, with 3 or 4 stars, staying for 2 nights, and don't include anything that doesn't have air conditioning.
  14. @stopsatgreen A.I. is improving rapidly. A.I. will take some jobs.

    A.I. can’t create like people. A.I. can improve your work.