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2012 Language Technology Summit - tauyou

2012 Language Technology Summit - tauyou

Corporate presentation by tauyou for the LT-Innovate Forum in Brussels (June 2012). Machine translation made simple for Language Service Providers.

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  1. Brussels, Belgium ©2012 tauyou <language technoloy> #1 tauyou <language technology>

    corporate presentation for LT-innovate forum Diego Bartolomé, CEO
  2. Brussels, Belgium ©2012 tauyou <language technoloy> #2 some pains human

    translation costs too much takes too much time quality is not always guaranteed ... but ... machine translation is expensive takes time to learn quality ... what quality?
  3. Brussels, Belgium ©2012 tauyou <language technoloy> #3 our solution outsourced

    we take care of everything high quality average productivity increase above x2 machine translation for Language Service Providers in any language English, FIGS, CJK, Portuguese, Hebrew...
  4. Brussels, Belgium ©2012 tauyou <language technoloy> #4 the translation market

    is huge but the machine translation market is still small
  5. Brussels, Belgium ©2012 tauyou <language technoloy> #5 the competition is

    there free online services – e.g. Google, Bing they lack confidentiality and control open source sofware hard to learn and maintain, not free competitors – e.g. Systran, Lucy, or Asia Online shall analyze quality vs. cost ratio and service do-nothing strategy where does your company want to be in 5 years?
  6. Brussels, Belgium ©2012 tauyou <language technoloy> #6 but we have

    our value small team of engineers and PhD natural language processing background technology partner for LSPs everything is under control confidentiality is guaranteed good quality vs. price ratio no limits to play and learn
  7. Brussels, Belgium ©2012 tauyou <language technoloy> #7 status and roadmap

    Initial developments – pilot clients First sales of our <text> solution Advanced web interface Clients among top world LSPs New services such as www.sumplify.com Open international branches 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
  8. Brussels, Belgium ©2012 tauyou <language technoloy> #8 Thanks! // Diego

    Bartolomé, PhD <address> C/ Les Planes 39 – 08201 Sabadell – Spain <phone> +34 93 711 29 96 <cell> +34 670 331 225 <email> [email protected] <www> tauyou.com