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GOOD vs BAD Questions – a customer research game

GOOD vs BAD Questions – a customer research game

An interactive game I played during the UX & Product Meetup Munich on March 22, 2018 https://www.meetup.com/MunichUX/events/247895984/


Thomas Gläser

April 09, 2018


  1. GOOD

  2. BAD

  3. »There are a couple of people I can intro you

    to when you're ready.«
  4. »That's so cool. I love it.«

  5. »Looks great. Let me know when it launches.«

  6. »What are the next steps?«

  7. »I would de nitely buy that!«

  8. »When can we start the trial?«

  9. »Can I buy the prototype?«

  10. »When can you come back to talk to the rest

    of the team?«
  11. »Do you think it's a good idea?«

  12. »Would you buy a product which did {x}?«

  13. »How much would you pay for {x}?«

  14. »If you had a magic wand. What can your dream

    product do?«
  15. »Why do you bother?«

  16. »What are the consequences of that?«

  17. »Talk me through the last time that happened.«

  18. »What else have you tried to x it?«

  19. »Would you pay {$} for a product which did {x}?«

  20. »How are you dealing with it now?«

  21. »Where does the money come from?«

  22. »Who else should I talk to?«

  23. »Is there anything else I should have asked?«

  24. Basic rule #1 Don't fish for compliments. Deflect them.

  25. Basic rule #2 Don't expose your ego. Don't pitch your

  26. Basic rule #3 Don't be to formal. Just talk naturally.

  27. Basic rule #4 Anchor fluff. Get to the root of

    the problem.
  28. Basic rule #5 Dig beneath ideas, opinions, requests and emotions.

  29. Basic rule #6 Don't lead them to the answer you

    want to get.
  30. Basic rule #7 Talk less, listen more. Search for real


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