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Berlin Chef Browser lightning talk

Berlin Chef Browser lightning talk

I made a lightning talk for @rug_b about Chef Browser.


Marta Paciorkowska

February 06, 2014


  1. Chef Browser Read-only Chef UI

  2. Hello! Three of Coins 3ofcoins.net @3ofCoinsNET github.com/3ofcoins Marta Paciorkowska @a_meba

  3. Let's talk about Chef knife

  4. Don't you hate it when... You need to dive into

    Inception-style attributes? You need data but don't know where to start searching? Colored syntax in your terminal makes you nauseated? Someone keeps forgetting their MySQL passwords? $ knife search node 'mysql_server_root_password:*' -a mysql.server_root_password
  5. Enter... Chef Browser! https://github.com/3ofcoins/chef-browser

  6. Read-only web UI No to fireworks, yes to usability Ruby

    + Sinatra + Ridley + Bootstrap Easy to configure (TinyConfig) Friendly search and filter Even your dog could use it Source: http://oopoomoo.com
  7. (such live demo, many wow)

  8. Protect data enabling a login screen List resources View details

    in a handy JSON.Path table Find data in two ways (searchbox & live filter) Save search queries you use often Now you can...
  9. Thanks! https://github.com/3ofcoins/chef-browser