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Mobile User Acquisition and Engagement. Tactics You Can’t Ignore

Mobile User Acquisition and Engagement. Tactics You Can’t Ignore

So where should a game developer turn to, to be able to get quality user acquisition and keep them in a game without going bankrupt?

During the talk you’ll learn how to:
- Prepare your app for user acquisition.
- Learn how to get high quality users with little to no marketing -
- Set-up user acquisition tactics that create viral loops.

This presentation is the result of GetSocial’s experience addressing User Acquisition and Engagement challenges, and it reveals a unique solution that is already being used by the likes of VNG, Glu, Tribeflame, Tabtale, PeopleFun, Hutch and much more.

Vitaliy Zasadnyy

January 21, 2017

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  1. MOBILE USER ACQUISITION Tactics You Can’t Ignore Vitaliy Zasadnyy Head

    of Mobile @ GetSocial GameDev Conference Lviv, Jan 21, 2017
  2. APP SPACE IS CROWDED 700+ iOS games are published every

    day Source: pocketgamer.biz/metrics/app-store/submissions/
 ACQUIRE USERS CPI is almost $3 for mobile

    games Source: chartboost.com/insights/
  4. 86% OF USERS LEAVE Only 14% of the users stay

    longer than 3 days * Source: andrewchen.co
  5. Target the first few days of usage, and in particular

    the first visit “ - Andrew Chen, - Supply Growth @ Uber
  6. 88% Users prefer to invite friends via WhatsApp, Messenger and

    other chat applications over Facebook and Twitter. Source: GetSocial Internal Analytics
  7. Trigger Action Variable Reward Investment Emails Notifications Pin Re-pin Follow

    Comment What did fiends post? Interesting objects Log-in Fear of loosing content Boredom
  8. Trigger Action Variable Reward Investment Word of mouth Brand IP

    Collection Gym Strength Pokemon Progression Encounter Pokemon Catch Pokemon Explore Walk Device Vibrates (Pokemon Around)
  9. Trigger Action Variable Reward Investment Social Push Notification Invitation from

    a Friend In-Game Social Connections Fast Progression Access to Premium Content Refer-a-friend Social Competition Social Cooperation USER ACQUISITION