BMTC20: Beer Media in a Changing World

BMTC20: Beer Media in a Changing World

Most attendees at the BMTC are highly aware of the constant, major changes in the beer industry. Just think of our media attendees who are living through constant, major changes in TWO industries: beer and media. We have had beer magazines fold and others stop print publication. New websites are becoming the go-to news sources. We will hear from a panel of beer media about their role in the industry including changes that can affect you such as reader demographic trends, what content resonates with audiences, how revenue generation affects stories, and much more. Our panelists include Kenny Gould of Hop Culture, Lynn Davis of Beer Connoisseur, Simon Jenkins from the Yorkshire Post in the UK, and Tara Nurin of Forbes with moderator Tom Wilmes of Spirited Magazine.


Zephyr Conferences

February 05, 2020


  1. Beer Media in a Changing World

  2. Lynn Davis Founder, Editor & Publisher The Beer Connoisseur Kenny Gould Founder Hop Culture Magazine
  3. Simon Jenkins Freelance Writer and Journalist Tara Nurin Independent

    Journalist/Forbes Beer and Spirits Contributor
  4. Tom Wilmes Inside Beer Columnist Spirited Magazine