Topic Telly Sketch Business Case

Db1f7d2e17690904435c71e9b581a431?s=47 Nick Marsh
October 18, 2012

Topic Telly Sketch Business Case

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Nick Marsh

October 18, 2012


  1. Free,  high  quality  videos  for  Comic   Relief  Schools  

  2. The  big  idea   “High  quality  educa=onal   videos  across

     a  range  of   topics  for  teachers  to  use  in   Comic  Relief  Schools”  
  3. Why?   •  Reward  schools  that  regularly  do  Red  Nose

      Day  and  Sport  Relief   •  In  order  to  reduce  ‘churn’  and  grow  the   amount  of  schools  that  fundraise  every   campaign   •  +  Opportunity  to  generate  new  income  from   sales  and  corporate  sponsorship    
  4. Business  case  for  rewarding  loyalty   •  Every  campaign  we

     lose  some  schools  that   previously  fundraised  but  gain  new  schools   •  These  schools  that  churn  are  worth  £1.8m   •  So  halving  the  amount  of  schools  that  churn   would  bring  in  £900,000  extra  fundraising  
  5. How  do  we  reduce  churn?   Provide  a  valuable  product

     that  engages   teachers  and  pupils  more  frequently,  and  in   more  depth,  year  round.  This  will:   •  Make  exisOng  schools  feel  more  valued   •  Reduce  reliance  on  an  individual  acOoner   •  Allow  us  to  give  Omely  reminders  to  schools   about  doing  Red  Nose  Day  and  Sport  Relief  
  6. Demo  

  7. Roadmap   Our   ques=on:   Will  teachers  use  

    this?   Does  it  reduce   churn?   Can  it  bring  in  addi=onal   revenue?   How  we   answer  it:   Qual  test  with  20   teachers  and  ask   them  to  use  it   Quant  test  –   proacOvely  offer  to   50%  of  schools  and   measure  impact   Market  to  corporate   partners  and  find  partners   to  market  internaOonally   to  test  appeOte   What  we   have  to  do  to   enable  us  to   answer  it:   1.  Figure  out  what   else  CR  schools   get  /  what  this   really  means  and   how  it  really   works   2.  Add  some  more   topics  and  videos   1.  Change  hosOng  /   tech  provider  –   BBC  Redux?   2.  Add  more  videos   from  archive   3.  Improve  /  finish   real  sign  up   process  and   integrate  with   exisOng  CRM   1.  Allow  easier  switching   of  pre-­‐roll  videos  and   on-­‐site  ad  units   2.  Find  markeOng   partners