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How Contentful empowers editorial teams to quickly scale digital products

How Contentful empowers editorial teams to quickly scale digital products


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November 18, 2020

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  1. 1 LIVE DEMO: How Contentful empowers editorial teams to quickly

    scale digital products
  2. Housekeeping • This webinar is being recorded; we will share

    the recording and slide deck with all registrants shortly -- keep an eye on your inbox! • Please add your questions in the Q&A box, we will answer them after the presentation during the Q&A session at the end • To get in touch, get in touch on Twitter @contentful or write to us at team@contentfulmail.com Before we dive in...
  3. Introductions Artas Bartas Product Marketing Manager at Contentful

  4. 4 1. How a scalable content platform enables quick wins

    and faster delivery 2. How editors can publish content, build free-form landing pages and work with design systems — all without the help of developers 3. How to easily localize content across markets, channels and customer journeys 4. How to integrate tools you already use with Contentful using our App Framework What you’ll learn 4
  5. 5 Working like a builder isn't about learning to code.

    The builder ethos is a mindset — the drive to create compelling and differentiated customer experiences. T H E B U I L D E R E T H O S
  6. 6

  7. The new digital playbook: It’s all about being digital-first AND

    digital-fast People Lack of in-house digital talent, rogue agencies, shadow IT Process Siloed teams, duplicate work across channels Tech All-in-one suites, closed systems, multiple CMSes People Builder ethos; cross-functional digital skill sets Process Decoupled, agile teams; structured content reuse Tech API-first, cloud-native, digital experience stacks 7
  8. 8

  9. 28% of the Fortune 500 are building with Contentful

  10. Introducing Colorful Coin The financial services wing of the Colorful

    Collective • Fully headless environment and preview • Content and model overview • Content creation and publication workflows • Integrated services (DAM and translation) • Built for marketers to understand (both atomic content and “page” constructs)
  11. 11 Empowering editorial teams

  12. 12

  13. Localizing content

  14. Logic layer Germany Sweden Global Market Space U.K. U.S. New

    Geo Market spaces Regionalized content Global spaces For a central team Markets and regions A FLEXIBLE PLATFORM FOR… 14
  15. Doing more with apps 15

  16. Inspiration feed

  17. Contentful web app customized with the App Framework

  18. Agility Organizations need to have unified content to increase business

    agility and resilience. Key takeaways Velocity Launch, test, iterate and improve - creating value more quickly. Simplicity & Scale A modular approach allows the flexibility to incorporate new experiences and technical capabilities over time. Simple enough to repeat and reuse as you scale.
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  20. Q&A