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How To Do Business Publicity Effectively

How To Do Business Publicity Effectively

This speaker deck talks about how to do business publicity effectively. David Jenyns teaches techniques like press releases, media endorsements, and testimonials.

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David Jenyns

June 17, 2014

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  2. 2 KEYS TO ANY BUSINESS • Traffic • Getting new

    leads • Conversions • Turning those leads into buyers
  3. PUBLICITY + TRAFFIC • Kinda obvious, right ?

  4. PUBLICITY + CONVERSIONS • Authority • Credibility • Halo Effect

    • Third Party Testimonial
  5. TESTIMONIALS • Provides an ‘objective’ opinion • Saves prospect on

    ‘due diligence’ • Social proof • If someone else says it, it must be true!
  6. TYPES OF TESTIMONIALS • Customer • most common + often

    faked • Celebrities • more a paid endorsement • Experts • more believable, as their reputation is on the line. • Media + Organisations • the ULTIMATE testimonial
  7. THE MEDIA ENDORSEMENT • The HALO Effect • Can’t be

    faked or bought *** • Instant ‘Expert’ Status
  8. TWO TYPES OF PUBLICITY • Providing the content • Being

    the content
  9. PROVIDING THE CONTENT • Magazines NEED content to sell their

    magazines • articles • features • commentary
  10. PITCHING YOUR CONTENT • The media need content that interest

    their audience... PERIOD. • If you can prove your content appeals to that niche/audience you’re a shoe in... • Blog Posts - comments show interest, relevance + social proof • Twitter Followers - shows authority • Facebook Fans - shows authority • Awards - shows credibility
  11. THE RESULTS • More Leads, Enquiries + Prospects • Increased

    Conversions • the prospect has been preconditioned • media endorsement provides ‘instant’ trust + credibility • magazines readers, already spend $$ in that niche
  12. BEING THE CONTENT • Free advertising • Non-interruption • Halo

    Effect (not an advertiser)
  13. THE PRESS RELEASE • Is a sales letter, pitching YOU

    as an interview/story • Have to ‘see’ the end story first. • What’s in it for the media’s audience ?
  14. PRESS RELEASE PURPOSE • You DO NOT want the release

    printed word for word • The purpose of the press release is to get you an interview • A press release is a sales letter “selling” you
  15. PRESS RELEASE HOOKS • You need a strong HOOK to

    focus your press release on. • Survey your customers • Popular blog posts • Yahoo Answers • Google Alerts • Follow the general media.
  16. PRESS RELEASE FORMAT • Headline • Intro Paragraph • Quotes

    / Substance • Credentials • Call To Action
  17. DISTRIBUTION • Email or fax directly • Distribution services •

    AAP Media Net • SeekingMedia.com.au • Get2press.com.au • PR Web
  18. RATHER THE JOURNOS COME TO YOU? • Get 2-3 emails

    per day, listing specific media queries from journos across the globe, looking for experts to interview + quote. • Help A Reporter Out (Global) • Reporter Connections (Global) • SourceBottle (Aust)
  19. 20) Summary: Guide to Growing Your Own Fruits and Berries

    ! Category: General ! Email: query-boz@helpareporter.com ! Media Outlet: Publishing ! Deadline: 07:00 PM EST - 27 May ! Query:
 I'm seeking an expert in growing fruits and berries for help with
 a project. This person should have personal experience with
 growing their own fruits and helpful tips for those just starting
 out. 22) Summary: Looking for books, gadgets, supplies and information to help maximize a home veggie garden ! Name: Melissa Newby (Examiner.com) Category: General ! Email: query-bqs@helpareporter.com ! Media Outlet: Examiner.com ! Deadline: 02:00 PM EST - 27 May ! Query:
 I'm looking for ideas to help families get the most from their
 home veggie garden. Looking for books or magazines with
 gardening pointers and tips on how to get started, what plants to
 grow, and how to get the most from a small space. I would also
 love ideas for gadgets and supplies that make gardening easier,
 like raised beds, container gardens, composters, soaker hoses,
 etc. I want to gather information for both the beginner gardener
 and a more seasoned veggie grower on how to get the most produce
 from a back yard garden. If you are a gardening expert and are
 willing to be interviewed, please also contact me. Thanks! 24) Summary: Meeting Planner Catastrophes ! Name: Jennifer LeClaire (Boston Business Journal) Category: General ! Email: query-bt5@helpareporter.com ! Media Outlet: Boston Business Journal ! Deadline: 07:00 PM EST - 27 May ! Query:
 I am writing an article about meeting/event planners who hope for
 the best but suddenly are faced with the worst -- meeting and
 event planning catastrophes. I am looking for meeting and event
 planners wiling to share their stories. How did you cope? How did
 you respond? How did you recover? And more. Need Boston areas
 sources. 17) Summary: Photo industry and photo-related news and stories ! Name: Laurence Chen (American Photo Magazine) Category: General ! Email: query-ay7@helpareporter.com ! Media Outlet: American Photo Magazine ! Deadline: 07:00 PM EST - 26 May ! Query:
 American Photo publishes every other month and therefore seeks
 stories and ideas about longer-term trends and issues that
 influence the practice and/or business of photography. News and
 story ideas must have lasting depth and interest that are not
 better served by blogs, etc. Striking the right balance is the
 key. Story ideas and news about fine art photography, commercial
 photography, editorial, architectural, fashion, sports, etc. and
 related business, education, or technology developments are
  20. HOT SEAT