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How To Effectively Manage Your Team

How To Effectively Manage Your Team

This speaker deck will teach you on how to effectively manage teams in your business. These strategies are applicable to both in-house and offshore team members.

This presentation is taken from the Outsourcing Profit Machine Workshop. To learn more about outsourcing, visit http://www.melbourneseoservices.com/seo-products/outsourcing-training-dvds/

David Jenyns

June 17, 2014

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  1. EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT PROCESSES • Online business is like offline business

    • Manager tools podcast • One-on-ones • Coaching • Feedback
  2. ONE-ON-ONES • Great managers know their team • 30 mins

    every few weeks • 10 mins them, 10 mins you, 5 mins growth • Asking questions, listening effectively, taking notes • <Real world example>
  3. FEEDBACK • Quality control is key • Do it regularly

    both positive and negative • Ask for improved performances (early and often) • Why I don't use sandwich technique
  4. FEEDBACK - PART 2 • May I give you some

    feedback? • When you do <insert behaviour> • Here's what happens <insert impact> • What you can do differently next time?
  5. COACHING • 'A' players like to grow • What do

    you want to learn, make a plan, report progress • Our DVDs, 30DC, online membership portals for VA's

  6. TEAM MEETINGS • Overcoming the space gap • Knowing where

    they fit • 45 mins every month or so • What have I been up to? • What have you been up to? • Question time
  7. TEAM MEETING - PART 2 • Start & end on

    time • Stick to agenda • Take notes
  8. EXTRA PRO TIPS • Project management: who, what, when •

    Delegate with measurable deliverables • Delegate reporting of the job as part of the task • Ask, how long will it take and add extra time
  9. LET IT SINK IN • Documentation & training • SOD,

    EOD • One on ones, feedback, coaching, team meetings