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What clouds are made of – EA data integration for cloud migration

What clouds are made of – EA data integration for cloud migration

Hermes recently switched to Google as their new strategic cloud provider. Following their Cloud Strategy, they wanted to use this opportunity to evolve their applications to the next level, instead of “just” doing a lift&shift – in a timeframe of six months. Everybody knew this would be ambitious – but did anyone know how complex it would be?

In this talk we will show you, how the Hermes EA team supported the cloud migration and illustrate how LeanIX data integration can be used to form a cloud that fits the strategy.

Hermes Germany GmbH

October 01, 2021

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  1. What clouds are made of EA data integration for cloud

    migration Gunnar Kiesel & Dr. Marcel Morisse Hermes Germany September 2021
  2. Germany's largest post- independent logistics service provider for deliveries to

    private customers more than 500 million shipments per year 350 IT professionals striving for customer satisfaction Hermes Germany 4
  3. customer satisfaction & efficiency as driver for digitalization custom software

    as an important differentiation factor start of cloud journey 2017, supporting agile development Hermes Germany 5
  4. With the cloud we enable the dynamic to make Hermes

    successful. GCP and SaaS are presets We embrace cloud Avoid dependencies Continuous customer service Cloud Native Integrated Security
  5. Cloud Migration Project 8 Cloud Evolution original PaaS provider didn‘t

    meet expectations Google as new strategic cloud provider taking the next step, instead of „lift & shift“
  6. Cloud Migration Project 9 Project Scope & Setup evolve applications

    to GCP timeframe: March to September core team / platform team / development teams
  7. Cloud Migration Project 10 Architecture Role & Challenges Tech How

    can we map our strategy to the GCP? How can we support our development teams? What should the GCP base setup look like? EA What exactly are “all applications”? How critical are they? Which interfaces will be affected? How can we track progress / verify that we are on target? How can we assign costs to applications?
  8. EA support for a headstart Which applications are in which

    environments? How are the applications interconnected? Which identifier should be assigned to cloud assets? Who is responsible for the cloud migration? Cloud Migration 12
  9. Becoming a partner in the cloud migration project Which application

    are in which environment? 13 Identification of relevant application ➢ Environments of applications ➢ Business criticality of applications ➢ Experience of teams migrating applications Maintaining LeanIX application factsheet as essential process step to acquire cloud resources
  10. Integrating interfaces on the fly How are the application interconnected?

    14 Applications Interfaces and Relations GraphQL DEV Kafka INT Kafka PROD Kafka Topics
  11. Integrating interfaces on the fly How are the application interconnected?

  12. Keeping the pace with EA Which applications are already in

    the Google Cloud? Which services do the applications use? Are all applications using compliant service regions? Have we achieved our goal to use more managed cloud services? Cloud Migration 16
  13. Using the Integration API to import cloud services into LeanIX

    17 17 Cloud Services Service Regions Service Environments Integration API Billing Data Billing Data Cloud Service Exporter Next Version
  14. Keeping track of the migration progress 18 Monitoring of migrated

    applications ➢ Evolvement of best practices ➢ Data transfer to non compliant data regions ➢ Getting the right support for managed services Reducing the workload of maintaing factsheets as EA acceptance boost
  15. Turning from a sprint to a marathon How do my

    costs evolve in the new cloud? Are the number of incidents lower than before? What are next candidates for migration? Are we able to implement more business requirements than before? Cloud Migration 19
  16. Using the built-in integration to enrich application factsheets 20 Multi

    Clouds Application ID Cloud Assets with tagged Application ID Application Data (Cost Center, Apptio Business Service) Application Cost & List of Cost Centers and Apptio Business Service
  17. Stay on top of things 21 Evaluation of cloud based

    applications ➢ Potential of cost reduction ➢ Compatibility with future business needs ➢ Reduction of technical complexity Using the best of all IT management tools as a major driver for business IT alignment
  18. 22 We have the data, but we need more possibilities

    to show them! ➢ Analysis of relations ➢ Visualisation of data
  19. Contact 23 Dr. Marcel Morisse Enterprise Architect Hermes Germany GmbH

    Essener Strasse 89 22419 Hamburg T: +49 (0) 40 5375-7423 [email protected] Gunnar Kiesel Teamlead Architecture & Information Security Hermes Germany GmbH Essener Strasse 89 22419 Hamburg T: +49 (0) 40 5375-5771 [email protected]