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Driving Client Centricity Through the Business Value Chain

Driving Client Centricity Through the Business Value Chain

Karlien Holliday, Head of Sales Enablement, Wirecard Solutions South Africa

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  1. How to deliver client centricity across the business value chain

    Presenter: Karlien Holliday Head Sales Enablement Wirecard Solutions South Africa
  2. Learning topics • How business has evolved over time? •

    Why sales enablement should be a holistic approach? • Why buyers will stop buying? • Why it is important to place people at the heart of your business? • Where to invest sales or retention? • Delivering on client centricity through the business value chain • Tips to deliver
  3. Why sales enablement should be a holistic approach? The training,

    processes, practices and tools needed to support product, sales and marketing throughout the buyer's journey. Key focus will be on translating and socializing various strategies cross-functionally in the business, with partners and other key stakeholders to increase engagement satisfaction that will result in improved KPI’s across the value chain.
  4. How has business evolved over time? Human driven Customer centricity

    driven Customer service driven Technology driven Customer value Numbers driven
  5. 21.10.2020 Business Values Persona values Culture Vision Aspirations Personal values

    Business values Individual Own needs and wants Aspirations Experience Employee The client Why it matters for the organisation to place people at the heart of the business? “I am not a number” “I am unique”
  6. Why buyers stop buying? 89% of buyers buy based on

    overall experience 01 80% value experience as much as products and services 02 57% stopped buying due to competitor experience 03
  7. Where to invest – sales or retention? • Acquisition cost

    6-7 times more than retention • Past customers have up to a 70% chance of converting again — compared to 20% for new prospects • Increasing custom er retention rates by just 5% can boost profits by up to 95% • Customer retention is between five to 25 times less expensive than trying to attract new users
  8. Steps to deliver client centricity in your organization • Effectively

    communicate your business strategy and align business objectives across the value chain
  9. 9

  10. In closing • The growth in sales is no longer

    just the responsibility of the sales force • Overall success of any business is to sell, support and deliver value – not products and services • It is all about cross-functional collaboration, design and input from all client touchpoints 11