Evaluating Startup Ideas (General Assembly class)

3c0b492a599715b69b5ed1363a9c2c4f?s=47 Tomer Sharon
September 16, 2014

Evaluating Startup Ideas (General Assembly class)

Many startups and businesses are being founded based on a hunch, a judgment call, incomplete information, and faith-based hallucinations — and most of them fail miserably. Startup founders and business owners only then ask themselves why. This class takes a different, risk-mitigating, more scientific approach to the art of starting a business. You’ll learn how to develop a product people really need by uncovering these needs well in advance. Before you write one line of code, before you hire a large team, before you take a big risk, you’ll learn how to evaluate if people need your product through three activities to learn from your future customers.


Tomer Sharon

September 16, 2014