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Remote Design Sprint (english) #UXCE21

Remote Design Sprint (english) #UXCE21

Remote workshops are here to stay and partly evolve into hybrid formats as well. Despite (partly still being in) lockdown, demanding to work from home, Design Sprints can be used successfully to answer critical business questions by sparking innovation, encourage user-centered thinking, aligning teams under a shared vision, and gaining insights about the marketability of products before their launch – if you know how to do them remote.

This talk provides an intensive and compact introduction into the method mix from Google Ventures, how this structured process works, about its strengths, and most importantly, how it can be conducted successfully as “remote”. Since this is significantly different to “in-person”, this will cover a comparison of the physical and digital version of Design Sprints – and it provides a lot of practical insights for remote workshops in general too.

#DesignSprint , #DesignThinking , #LeanStartup , #RemoteWork , #WorkFromHome , #HybridWork, #Facilitation , #Workshops, #NewWork

Benno Loewenberg

June 05, 2021

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  2.   AUTOMATIC DOORS  Photo: @BennoLoewenberg

  3. @BennoLoewenberg   AUTOMATIC DOORS  Video: @BennoLoewenberg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6uegMPSnP4

  4. @BennoLoewenberg Video: @BennoLoewenberg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6uegMPSnP4

  5. @BennoLoewenberg Video: @BennoLoewenberg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6uegMPSnP4

  6. @BennoLoewenberg Video: @BennoLoewenberg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6uegMPSnP4

  7. @BennoLoewenberg Video: @BennoLoewenberg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6uegMPSnP4

  8. @BennoLoewenberg Video: @BennoLoewenberg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6uegMPSnP4

  9. @BennoLoewenberg Video: @BennoLoewenberg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6uegMPSnP4

  10.  PRODUCT  Graphic: @BennoLoewenberg 1 3 4 2 LAUNCH IDEATE BUILD

    LEARN Here it costs a lot of time & money
  11.   WHAT ?  Structured process to develop and test ideas within

    a short amount of time. @BennoLoewenberg
  12.  DESIGN  Graphic: @BennoLoewenberg 1 3 4 2 LAUNCH IDEATE BUILD

  13.   WHAT FOR ?  When innovations for products and services are

    needed When big challenges are to be solved In case of a lot of stakeholders or complicated processes I case of a high investment risk @BennoLoewenberg
  14.   WHY ?  Validated concepts for solutions to develop or improve

    products and services „maximizing customer value“ @BennoLoewenberg

  16. HILLS ≈ MVP Graphic: @BennoLoewenberg (aft. IBM)  COMBINATION 

  17. Graphic: @BennoLoewenberg (aft. IBM)   DESIGN SPRINT 

  18. Photo: @BennoLoewenberg  TIMEFRAME 

  19.  STRUCTURE  Graphic: DesignSprintKit

  20.  RESULTS  Photo: @BennoLoewenberg

  21. Graphic: @jakek T h e e x e r c

    i s e w o r k s b e s t w h e n y o u s k e t c h s e v e r a l v a r i a t i o n s o f t h e s a me i d e a . T a k e a f a v o r i t e p i e c e f r o m y o u r i d e a s s h e e t a n d a s k y o u r s e l f , “ Wh a t w o u l d b e a n o t h e r g o o d w a y t o d o t h i s ? ” K e e p g o i n g u n t i l y o u c a n ’ t t h i n k o f a n y mo r e v a r i a t i o n s , t h e n l o o k b a c k a t y o u r i d e a s s h e e t , c h o o s e a n e w i d e a , a n d s t a r t r i f f n g o n i t i n s t e a d .  TOOLS 
  22.  TEAM   & SPACE  Photo: @BennoLoewenberg (in “The Garage” at Google)

  23.   WHY REMOTE ?  Remote became a necessity and the current

    reality of work. Remote Design Sprints help to maintain the ability to work (creatively). @BennoLoewenberg
  24.   PHYSICAL ≠ DIGITAL  Trying to conduct remote workshops exactly

    like in-person workshops … fails. @BennoLoewenberg
  25.   PHYSICAL ≠ DIGITAL  Big meeting rooms, Creative spaces Where

    At home, Quiet room (mostly), Variable time zones Full-day workshops, Several days all together When A few flexible sessions (1,5 – 2 hrs. each), Offline homework Facilitator + Interdisciplinary team (1 + 6–8 people) Who Facilitator + Co-Facilitator + Interdisciplinary team (2 + 6–8 people) Sticky-Notes, Timer, Flipcharts, Whiteboards, Tabletennis/Kickertable How Video conferencing, Digital whiteboard, Online timer, Homeoffice streching @BennoLoewenberg aft. Hildebranding
  26.   REMOTE AGENDA  Not one consecutive workshop, but a sequence

    of short sessions. @BennoLoewenberg
  27.   SCHEDULE – PHYSICAL “1.0”  1 2 3 4 5

    Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Expert interviews, Challenge statement Lightning talks, Sketch Decide, Combine, Storyboard Prototype, Test guideline, Recruiting User tests, Evaluation @BennoLoewenberg aft. Hildebranding
  28.   SCHEDULE – PHYSICAL “2.0”/“3.0”  1 2 3 4 Mon

    Tue Wed Thu Expert interviews, Challenge statement Lightning talks, Sketch Decide, Combine, Storyboard Prototype, Test guideline, Recruiting User tests, Evaluation @BennoLoewenberg aft. Hildebranding
  29.   SCHEDULE – DIGITAL (CORE)  1 2 3 Mon Tue

    Wed Understand the landscape; 1,5 h Ideate and envision the future; 2 h Understand the users and their journey; 1,5 h Discuss actions and plan; 1,5 h @BennoLoewenberg aft. Google
  30.   SCHEDULE – DIGITAL (COMPLETE)  @BennoLoewenberg aft. Semih Aridogan 1

    2 3 4 Preparation Warm-Up Des. Sprint Next Steps Problem framing, Team composition, Schedule & invitations; 2 weeks Tools introduction, Getting to know the participants; 1 h Completely online; Asynchronous & synchronous exercises; 5 days Results presentation, Recommen- dations; 1 h
  31.   SCHEDULE – DIGITAL (EXT.)  @BennoLoewenberg aft. Beschnitt & Bretschneider

    Week 1 1 2 3 4 5 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Preparation and pre- screening of participants Individual participant interviews; 6–60 min Internal kickoff and research Customer journey mapping Alignment workshop Stakeholder Interviews Workshop preparation
  32.   SCHEDULE – DIGITAL (EXT.)  @BennoLoewenberg aft. Beschnitt & Bretschneider

    Week 2 6 7 8 9 10 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Solution workshop Decision workshop Prototyping User testing User testing (fallback) Preparation & wrap-up Preparation & wrap-up Wrap up workshop
  33.  PLANNING  Generously timed agenda items Many breaks @BennoLoewenberg

  34.  TIMES  Source: Knapp, Zeratzky, Colburn

  35.   RHYTHM & CADENCE  “Together Alone”: Sessions, warm ups, check

    ins, discussions all togehter Excercises in groups “Home work” individually @BennoLoewenberg
  36.   PREPARATION – IN-PERSON  Graphic: @BennoLoewenberg (aft. @mpowel85) PREPARATION EFFORT

  37.   PREPARATION – REMOTE  Graphic: @BennoLoewenberg (aft. @mpowel85) PREPARATION EFFORT

  38.   PREPARATION – ORGANISATION  Co-facilitator focussed on technical handling @BennoLoewenberg

  39.   PREPARATION – CONTENTS  Altering the plan during a running

    session (e. g. switching to an alternative exercise) can only be successful, when those backups have been prepared beforehand. @BennoLoewenberg
  40.   VIRTUAL TOOLS  Screenshot: Mural

  41. Screenshot: Miro   VIRTUAL TOOLS 

  42.   TECH SETUP  Photo: @BennoLoewenberg a good microphone a chat

    day ight or good lighting two screens (1 video & 1 whiteboard) a timer
  43.   TECH SETUP  Video conferencing tool with breakout functionality Stable

    and fast web connection ! @BennoLoewenberg
  44.   PHYSICAL ONBOARDING  Photo: @BennoLoewenberg „care“ package with tools &

    fuels for workshops
  45.   DIGITAL ONBOARDING  Pre-session for newbies Small aids and helpful

    infos “in situ” Warmups, that familiarize with the tool/functions @BennoLoewenberg
  46.   EMBEDDING DIGITALLY  Rules (video, audio, chat, tabs, breaks) Assinging

    roles (note taking, sorting stickies) 1-screen mode (video as audio) @BennoLoewenberg
  47.   PHYSICAL TOOLS  Photo: @BennoLoewenberg use what people have at

  48. Photo: @BennoLoewenberg   PHYSICAL TOOLS 

  49. @BennoLoewenberg  ENGAGEMENT  @BennoLoewenberg

  50. Source: Sarah McIlwain “ Ideas are ephemeral when you’re in-person, but

    there’re automatically recorded when you work online”
  51.  CHALLENGES  Distractions Engagement Communication Tech (esp. in DE: Internet) Preparation

  52.  ADVANTAGES  Ideal for distributed or international teams No need for

    a particular workshop room Only little (physical) material needed Saves costs Different possibilities (e. g. Undo, Copy-Paste) New way of working (for shy persons too) @BennoLoewenberg
  53.   TOOLS & TIPS DESIGN SPRINT  @BennoLoewenberg

  54. Photo: @BennoLoewenberg   NO GUESSWORK … 

  55. Photo: @BennoLoewenberg (prototyping an elevator cabin)   … BUT THINKING &

  56. Photo: @BennoLoewenberg   NO ROCKET SCIENCE … 

  57. Photo: @BennoLoewenberg   … BUT A PRACTICAL SHORTCUT