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Google AdWords Made Easy

Google AdWords Made Easy

In this speaker deck, David Jenyns will teach you on how to easily understand Google AdWords. He will also teach you on when it is applicable to use for your business and how it will work effectively.

This presentation is taken from the Small Business Internet Marketing Workshop. To learn more about Google AdWords for your business, visit http://www.melbourneseoservices.com/seo-products/small-business-internet-marketing/

David Jenyns

June 17, 2014

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  1. TARGET ADVERTISING Only Pay When It Works.

  2. GOOGLE ADWORDS • Pay Per Click Advertising • vs Traditional

    Pay Per Viewer
  3. WHY ADWORDS ? • Target people who are ACTIVELY looking

    for your products • Only pay when someone RESPONDS to your advertisement • You pick the search phrases • Measurable = Manageable.
  4. HOW ADWORDS WORKS ? • Auction System • Price You

    Pay = • maximum bid x quality score Relevance Landing Page Click Thru Rate
  5. SETTING UP AN ADWORDS ACCOUNT • www.Google.com/Adwords ! • searchmarketing.yahoo.com

  6. ADWORDS MANAGEMENT • Landing Page Quality • If you rank

    well naturally (SEO), you’ll have a good LPQS • Relevance • Split testing adverts will increase CTR • Click Thru Rate • All things being equal ↑CTR = ↓CPC
  7. WHAT WOULD GOOGLE DO ? • What’s Google’s Objective? •

    To serve the most relevant ads possible, to ensure the user has the best experience. • How Does This Situation Relate To That? • Are you helping them achieve their goal ? • If you were Google, what would you do ? • Would they penalise this; or would they applaud + reward this?