Culture Matters: On designing winning teams

Culture Matters: On designing winning teams

Combine 2016 talk in Bloomington, IN


Ron Bronson

April 07, 2016


  1. Culture Matters On designing winning teams #COMBINE2016 Ron Bronson

  2. About Ron Director, Nordic Strategy Lab Speaker. Practice: UX/Digital Strategy.

    Service Design. Past: Omnivore Athletic, Aggregate Conference, Future Wyoming.
  3. Your turn What do you do?

  4. The Future of Work

  5. Transparency over Privacy

  6. Technology is changing our world at an exponential pace.

  7. 20 1 5 10 15 20 8 5 4 2

    2 22m 14m Years to reach $1b market cap TYPICAL FORTUNE 500 COMPANY GOOGLE FACEBOOK TESLA UBER WHATSAPP SNAPCHAT OCULUS RIFT Source: “Exponential Organizations”, Yuri Van Geest,
  8. If your company was designed to succeed in the 20th

    century, it’s designed to fail in the 21st century.
  9. Engaged Regular Disengaged Actively disengaged Gallup Work in the present

    tense is different than the past.
  10. What is culture?

  11. When in doubt, blame it on the “organizational culture.”

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  14. Culture is local.

  15. What about teams?

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  17. People want to feel valued

  18. Mapping Experiences

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  20. It takes over 26 weeks for a professional to settle

    into a new role. HR Times
  21. Your organizational dent in the universe.

  22. The leading organizations of the 21st Century are embracing a

    new way of working that is designed for uncertainty even over predictability.
  23. Empowering over Controlling

  24. Adaptivity over Efficiency

  25. Emergence over Planning

  26. Networks over Hierarchies

  27. How do we solve for X?

  28. Avoid the fallacy of fit.

  29. Invest in people. Coaching matters.

  30. Embrace the future. Don’t lament it. 30

  31. “It’s those who start with ‘why’ that have the ability

    to inspire those around them or find others who inspire them.” -Simon Sinek
  32. Tusen Takk. @ronbronson - Twitter - Email