Multiple Works, Week of September 9, 2013 Slide Set #2

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September 11, 2013

Multiple Works, Week of September 9, 2013 Slide Set #2

We are presenting "out loud" ongoing Slides of Multiple "news" coming through public Google Searches emailed to me/us daily. My name is Ann Garvey, and I have been diagnosed a multiple for 23 years and I've been in one kind of therapy after another for nearly 30 years. I am Just a multiple, not a therapist or any other kind of paid professional. I care about multiples and their issues and our intent is to learn more about multiplicity from ourselves and others, contribute to the understanding and insights of multiplicity, and focus on being in an ongoing conversation. If you would like to contact me, the email address is And, if you would like more information, my main blog is at:

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September 11, 2013