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Featured speakers

Brandon Mathis


I'm a design enthusiast. I write about that here: and tweet about it here:

4 followers 1 deck

David Bonilla


Marathon runner. Wine drinker. Manfred Founder.

You can find me on Twitter: @david_bonilla
You can find tech tale...

2 followers 18 decks

Brian Warren


A designer who lives in Seattle, brews his own beer, and spends a lot of time with his kids.

2 followers 2 decks

Vitaly Friedman


Vitaly Friedman loves beautiful content and doesn’t like to give in easily. Originally from Minsk, Belarus, he studie...

12 followers 10 decks

Andy Hume


Software engineer at Brandwatch. Former Twitter, Guardian, Clearleft, Microsoft, Multimap.

5 followers 13 decks

Hannes Fritz


Information Design & User Interface Designer
❧ Typography & ❤ little details
❾ in Ultimate Frisbee
✔ wannabe photo...

1 follower 5 decks

Brad Frost


I am a mobile web strategist and developer at R/GA, front-end developer, designer, musician, and artist in NYC/Brooklyn.

5 followers 3 decks

Matt Thompson


Matt Thompson is Manager of Digital Initiatives (and Mischief) for NPR, an adjunct faculty member at American Univers...

5 followers 1 deck

Des Traynor


Des is a co-founder , and VP Customer Success at Intercom ( ) a simple, personal messaging service...

10 followers 4 decks

Garrett Dimon


Creator of Sifter, a simple hosted bug and issue tracking application.

6 followers 5 decks

Paul Robert Lloyd


Independent graphic designer and front-end developer.

3 followers 20 decks

Bryan Veloso


I like talking about silly things. I leave the serious for those who are good at it.

9 followers 9 decks

Bermon Painter


UX/UI/Developer hybrid with a love for all things Ruby. Hubby, father, wireframe hater, cupcake eater, spanish speaker.

4 followers 55 decks

Rich Thornett


Co-founder of Dribbble.

8 followers 2 decks

Jonathan Moore


I am designer who lives in code, entrepreneur, and an idea incubator driven to make our world a better place. Founder...

5 followers 1 deck

Jason VanLue


CEO of @envylabs where we make things like @codeschool // Author of and

4 followers 8 decks

Edd S


Edd is a front-end engineer

1 follower 11 decks

Aaron Hursman


Director of Product Design and User Experience for @nGameInc

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