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Cassini Nazir


Designer of conversations, curricula, and interfaces. Interaction Design faculty at UT Dallas. Director of ATEC Usabi...

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Jake VanderPlas


Jake VanderPlas is a Senior Data Science Fellow at the University of Washington's eScience Institute, which supports ...

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Jefferson Lam


Front-end developer at IBM Design by day, video game enthusiast by night, and musician on the road. Find me around th...

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Steve Smith


Steve makes pretty things on the internet. He is an entrepreneur, founding Ordered List, and co-founding Sidebar Crea...

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Jose L


Entrepreneur by default.
Sports, arts and beer lover.
Co-founder @ Momenta.
Google Expert.

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Paul Jervis Heath


Award-winning designer. Inventor. Futurist. Innovation consultant. Founding Partner & Chief Creative Officer at Moder...

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Pete Hodgson


Independent consultant helping engineering teams tackle thorny problems. Formerly Earnest, ThoughtWorks.

@ph1 | th...

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Swwweet.com is a small web design studio based in Barcelona, formed by Javier Usobiaga (@htmlboy) and Marta Armada (@...

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Dennis Kardys


Dennis Kardys is a Chicago based user experience designer with a hang up for well crafted code. Currently the Creativ...

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André Augusto Costa Santos


I'm passionate about technology and programming, my main interests include Web development, Open Source, Unix Systems...

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Mariusz Cieśla


Interactive designer. Verse in product design, product management, front-end development and internet memes. I tend t...

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Will Myddelton


Designer and button pusher making the world less frustrating and more enjoyable. http://myddelton.co.uk

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