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Vladimir Kurochkin, The Abyss

December 19, 2018

Vladimir Kurochkin, The Abyss

DAICO as a Fundraising Model for the Videogame Industry

The official conference website — http://wnconf.com
(White Nights Conference Moscow 2018)


December 19, 2018

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  1. 1/10 Looking for funds for starting a game / internet

    project? No publishers, investors and parents! CROWDSALE
  2. 2/10 DAICO as an Alternative Platforms: Current success rate of

    Kickstarter campaigns is 36% 14 % of Kickstarter campaigns fail to receive any pledges Only 19.72% of technology-related Kickstarters have actually been successful ICOs: VCs: 59% of 2017 crowdsales are either confirmed failures or failures-in-the-making (*bitcoin.com) 800 cryptocurrencies have gone bust, and are now worthless, in the last 18 months ?
  3. 3/10 DAICO Advantages: Democratic and transparent voting system 100% сontrolled

    by smart contract Team’s motivation sustained over time Funds are completely safe Token holders can vote for refund
  4. 4/10 DAICO is a costly process - KYC/AML + marketing

    + technical audit DAICO is better for devs due to transparency and fund storage ICO makes sense only for the ready-to-go product not the dev stage
  5. 5/10 DAICO project acquires partners all over the world VS

    Traditional funding leads you to one partner — with all the peculiarities
  6. 7/10 6/10 The Abyss Token Sale Results: $ 15 362

    418 Total funds Raised 188 040 754 Tokens sold 110 countries Coverage